Parents – Why does Lumos Assistant make the Lumos Platform so valuable for your child?

How can Lumos Assistant help out busy parents who want their child to be successful in school?

Lumos Assistant

Today parents often feel frustrated and exhausted over their child’s school work. We have all experienced a late night study session trying to help our child cram last minute looking for extra practice and study questions online to help them prepare. While the reality is most parents would love to hours to help their child master concepts being taught at school this is usually not a reality in the average American home. Many parents work full-time and do not have hours to spend with their child at the end of the work day practicing math and english language arts or time to find resources to help with homework or study for a for a test. “Lumos Assistant” solves this challenge and can provide parents with resources to help their child. Not only can you be certain that the resources “Lumos Assistant” provides will be relevant and user friendly, but that the content provided will be aligned to your child’s grade and the state standards they will be tested on.

Lumos Assistant can be great for any parent to have as a resource.

For parents that are fortunate to have enough time to spend with their children to achieve concept mastery on a topic, it can often be difficult to help your child on something you have not studied in years or something you never learned. “Lumos Assistant” can help you in this way too. Parents can also utilize “Lumos Assistant” to find resources to tune up your skills on a particular topic or help find resources your child can use. This is particularly helpful for parents choosing to homeschool their children. It is a great way to find applicable resources for lessons or provide your student with practice questions and materials on a concept. Maybe your child needs extra practice on a concept, or missed the lesson in class on a particular topic. As a parent who wants the best education for their child you can be certain that “Lumos Assistant” will help find books, apps, worksheets and videos relevant to your child’s success.

How Lumos Assistant makes our product different from our competitors.

The Step Up App is different from its competitors because it offers simplicity and reliability. If your child is utilizing “Lumos Assistant” at school, this is also something they can access from home also. Kids today naturally have a device near them or in their hand at almost all times, “Lumos Assistant” is available on those devices and provides students with a productive way to aid their learning. Not only is “Lumos Assistant” easily accessible to students, it also functions in a familiar interface to kids today – a chat box. Since the chat box mimics applications students routinely use to interact with each other they will WANT to utilize “Lumos Assistant to help them learn” By students interacting with “Lumos Assistant” they are can ask questions, just like they would to you or in class. “Lumos Assistant” makes looking for resources simple and easy for your child. This takes the guesswork out of the equation and allows students to spend more time focusing on actually learning the concept than searching for materials to help them understand it-which often discourages them from studying. By your child using “Lumos Assistant” they can take control of their own education by using the provided resources that work best for their learning style. This helps cultivate independent learners who are able to hold ownership in their education.


Aspen Ham