New Features and Enhancements in Lumos StepUp – December ’19

Teacher Portal:

  1. Improved Domain Standard Report
    The number of questions and the percentage of scores are represented in different colors for every student under particular standards. The colors represent the different proficiency level; Red – PP, Yellow – P & Green – AP.

  2. Spoken Response Questions Under To Be Graded Report
    Allows the teachers to see the audio recording of the students’ response along with the transcribed version generated automatically. The teacher can grade and add comments.

  3. Improved Vocabulary Practice
    While assigning the vocabulary practice based on the passages, it gives the teacher an option to select the words from the list.

  4. Personalized video recommendations
    It recommends the videos that are relevant to the lessons being assigned by the teacher from which the teacher can select the videos that will be shown to the students.

  5. Simplified student search
    Allows the teachers/admins to search for students in their classroom using the students’ login username.

Student Portal:

  1. Bookmarking the Questions
    This allows the students to flag a particular during a practice test, which they can revisit later to review and answer.

  2. Jumping to a Particular Question
    The students can navigate to a particular question from the list of items in a practice test.

  3. Prompting the Students About the Unanswered Questions
    When a student tries to end the practice test, which has one or more unanswered questions, it shows an alert window for confirmation.

  4. Vocabulary Practice – Try Write
    This allows the students to write a sentence or paragraph for the word they are learning. The written answer will be saved but will not be submitted to teachers.

  5. Passage Practice with Read and Record
    It allows the students to record while they are reading a passage and save. The recorded answer will be available for students to listen to but will not be submitted to teachers.

  6. Updated Portals to Mirror the Assessment Portals
    The practice test UI/UX has been updated to mirror the specific assessment portals based on their state. Latest updated assessments are, OST, iLearn, AZM2, MCAS.





Jaci Smith