Lumos StepUp For Parents!

Today’s young learners spend countless hours on their devices and are accustomed to using technology that moves as quickly as they do!  As a parent, you’re constantly searching for engaging mobile apps to plant on your child’s device to ensure they’re learning while peering down into the screen. Designed for dynamic on-the-go learners, Lumos StepUp™ allows you to build a mobile learning environment that your child can take with them anywhere, anytime! Whether you’re gearing your student up for a test or simply building their skills, StepUp™ makes standards-based learning fun and engaging. Gauge progress on specific Math & ELA concepts by challenging your student to complete practice modules, numeric drills and more! Stay connected and even monitor progress with real-time completion tracking. Let’s take a closer look at StepUp™ and how parents can make the most of its many features and resources!  

StepUp in mobile

Test Prep & Practice

Practice Mode

Supporting a student’s academic journey is every parent’s priority. Our dynamic mobile app – built for Grades 3-8 – ensures parents stay involved every step of the way. StepUp™ Practice mode allows students to hone their standards-based skills with helpful modules, numeric drills, and loads of supporting resources. Find test practice for a wide range of standards including: PARCC, Smarter Balanced, ACT Aspire, NYST, FSA, GMAS, OST, iLearn, MO MAP, TNReady, MS MAAP, CMAS, MCAS, and LEAP.  Each module – which covers specific topics from either Math or ELA – contains several questions designed to test precise concepts. Your student will always stay on track because all answers, whether answered correctly or incorrectly, offer full explanations with supporting content. These impactful modules were built to encourage students to learn at their own pace; and can be paused and revisited at anytime. StepUp™ automatically saves their spot and displays overall progress towards completion for that module.

Feedback is integral to learning! While in Practice mode, parents can monitor their student’s progress in real-time and refocus lessons to target knowledge gaps. Bridging these knowledge gaps is simple with the built-in search engine: EdSearch. No matter whether its fractions or reading retention, StepUp™’s helpful EdSearch function gives parents instant access to tons of learning resources! Finding the right material has never been easier – parents can swiftly filter and sort supporting material according to grade-level, type or subject area! Preparation is an investment in tomorrow. With limitless resources and helpful practice questions, your student will be test-ready when the day comes!

Test Mode

Our expert teachers at Lumos Learning understand what it takes to create a successful classroom and build mastery. That’s why parents can rest assured that our two full-length practice tests are filled with only the most current formats and realistic questions. Each test is broken down into manageable Units which are designed to test particular subject areas. This modular format gives you, as a parent, the ability to address gaps in your student’s proficiency and encourage growth!

Stay Informed

StepUp™ helps parents and teachers to stay on the same page! With real-time progress tracking, parents can keep an eye on the pace of their student’s work and adjust difficulty as needed. A mobile classroom, our dynamic web app can be accessed anywhere, at anytime! User-friendly and approachable, StepUp™ also offers other helpful features for parents such as the Lumos Assistant – an interactive virtual assistant that quickly gathers resources at a moment’s notice. This friendly AI-powered helper makes navigating the app and tracking your student’s progress painless. Our mobile app helps parents save time, gather helpful resources, and track progress – all from one convenient location. With innovative and flexible resources to fit any student’s learning style, StepUp™ is a free-to-download, yet invaluable, tool for young learners and parents alike!


Cory Ruzicka