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Lumos Deep Remedial for Parents

Lumos Learning is has helped my child drastically improve their reading, writing, and math skills in such a short amount of time. My child initially started using Lumos Learning because they weren’t performing at the level that I knew they could in the classroom and during state testing. I did the research and Lumos Learning seemed like the best site for my child to get additional help and make sure they have a solid educational foundation to set them up for success. As a parent, I want nothing more than for my child to succeed and, because I am unable to provide the necessary expertise to tutor them, Lumos Learning is the best possible resource.

I am the first to admit, I am a horrible tutor for my child and, as a parent, it is heartbreaking to know your child needs help and to not be able to personally provide it to them. After doing extensive research research, I finally decided to enroll my child in Lumos Learning and I have seen my child make great strides academically. I can see a difference in the way my child does their homework and prepares for tests- before, it would be a struggle to get them to complete a page long assignment but now they do it in no time. I think the aspect of Lumos Learning that helps my child the most is the “remedial” assignments available to them if they do not show proficiency in a particular subject.

Target with dart

In a typical classroom, it is so easy for kids to get pulled along through the lessons before they master the lesson before. With Lumos Learning, if my child is not performing as well as they could be, they are provided with additional materials and practice problems to help them get a firm grasp on the lesson. Additionally, if they understand a lesson and prove proficiency, they can move right along at their own pace. Lumos Learning is individualized, so my child gets help they need and doesn’t feel the pressure to learn at a certain speed that they would if they were in a typical classroom.

One aspect of Lumos Learning that I was surprised about is that they base their lessons off of the Common Core Standards, which helps my child’s performance in state testing. Honestly, I had no clue what common core was or why it was important until my child started using Lumos Learning. I saw that it was a feature and figured I should look into it and realized that it’s essentially standardized lessons that build upon one another to ensure that kids are being taught the right things at the right time. Basically, it makes sure every student is on track and performing at their grade level. The best part of Lumos Learning is that it analyzes my child’s work on the different common core standards and will provide additional learning opportunities based on their performance. If my child is not doing well in on standard, Lumos Learning will provide remedial work that covers not only the standard they need help on, but will also give them the option to work on previous standards so they can get stronger in those skills.

When I first started looking for a program for my child, I was overwhelmed with all of the different options; I wanted to make sure I chose the best program to help my child succeed. Thankfully, Lumos Learning provides exceptional quality educational content at an individualized pace for my child to master the skills they need to learn. This is the first time I have truly seen my child excel and it is all thinks to Lumos Learning.

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