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Lumos Assistant – An AI powered assisstant that provides personlized homework help

With so many Edtech options available today it is important to choose a solution that fits all of your needs. Lumos Learning content is developed by expert teachers so you can rest assured that it has the student’s best interest in mind. One feature that sets the “Step Up” App and the online platform apart from its competitors is “Lumos Assistant”. Imagine getting back countless hours spent searching for materials to help students learn effectively! No more endless scrolling through page after page in Google or your favorite search engine to find learning resources or practice materials. Whether you are a parent, teacher or student “Lumos Assistant” has the user’s best interest in the forefront of its mind. This feature interacts with the user to provide resources such as apps, videos and worksheets that are tailored to a specific skill, but differs from its competitors by allowing the user to ask a question in a chat box and be provided with materials quickly that address a question.

We built the chat box interface so teachers, parents and students can focus on the most important thing – learning and improving their education. Our goal is to help students learn as effectively as possible, without making it complex to find resources that are beneficial to the student. Not only is “Lumos Assistant” easy to use, but she is friendly too. Between, homework, lesson planning and afterschool activities it is important to be able to count on a platform that will provide useful content quickly and simplistically – without having to search through tons of unhelpful and irrelevant content. There is nothing more frustrating than web results that do not match your search parameters or sifting through website after website to find what you are looking for.. “Lumos Assistant” alleviates the need to narrow down a specific skill and search for materials in a cumbersome way. “Lumos Assistant” uses artificial intelligence and is smart. It locates the content needed based on the questions asked. Content is also aligned with grade level appropriate work which allows students to gain mastery on the concepts they are having difficulty with in order to better prepare them for the course work they receive at school. “Lumos Assistant” provides the user with reilabe proven resources that support English Language Arts and Math curriculum.

With pushed-down curriculum aLumos Assistantnd standardized testing it is easy for students to get overwhelmed with their school responsibilities.  “Lumos Assistant” is designed with the user in mind. Upon selecting “Lumos Assistant” the AI asks if user is a student, teacher or parent in order to provide optimal content to best fit their needs. “Lumos Assistant” is accessible in the Step Up Application under the Power Tools section. Upon selecting “Lumos Assistant” the AI speaks aloud to the user by name and asks what subject he or she is interested in. The words spoken aloud are also typed into the chat box for reference. After selecting Math or English Language Arts, “Lumos Assistant” directs the user to enter a question he or she needs help with. After the question is entered the grade level, subject and question is verified aloud for the user to confirm. After the user confirms, “Lumos Assistant” searches and populates useful and relevant resources. The chat box is easy to use since it interacts with the user how humans would naturally act with each other.

“Lumos Assistant” is a valuable feature that allows parents, teachers and students to quickly and easily access content that can be utilized for guided practice, after school work, homework, independent practice and more. “Lumos Assistant” gives educational stakeholders access to content backed by expert teachers in a simple and powerful way.

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