Louisiana’s Take on PARCC

While Louisiana happens to be a member of PARCC testing, the state is said to be getting its tests from an entirely different company called the Data Recognition Corporation. This makes Louisiana the only state to not follow the PARCC vendor for its testing so many people question whether the tests that the state is carrying out are along the same lines or not, and whether they are still categorized as common core testing or not. There has still been some more news that the state might have completely backed down by this testing.

The Education Officials Of Louisiana Propose In Dropping The National Common Core Testing, I.E. PARCC, For 2014 To 2015
The superintendent John White along with the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education has apparently backed out from the new common core testing in the academic standards. Rather than using the test that has been developed by the PARCC, they instead have decided to combine some of their questions with the questions by LEAP, and this news had been revealed to the press by White.

The BESE president had stated, “We will continue with the LEAP test.”

White had stated, “BESE is trying to thread the needle with a compromise.”

However, in the crucial sense, White left open a huge possibility that all of the questions in English and Mathematics would be from the process established by PARCC. This would mean that the board might continue the national testing with a completely different name. No PARCC exams exist for social studies and science subjects.

However, it was stated by the spokesperson from PARCC that, “I don’t see any indication they are withdrawing.”

While three of the BESE officers have backed this proposal, no vote has taken place from the board with respect to the approval of these changes. This means that these changes might still not be official.
The governor of the state had even authorized the freezing of the testing contract for the upcoming year and had attempted to drop the membership of the state from the PARCC consortium.

The PARCC Opt-Outs And Test Concerns In The State Of Louisiana
The superintendent John White said that the upcoming standardized testing by PARCC had raised a lot of concerns about the impact they will be having on the students. Many of the educational leader organizations, stakeholders, and many parents have testified that they are extremely worried about the stress levels that these tests will have on the students. White has also stated that he has not heard as much distress as these tests are causing, not only around the state of Louisiana, but also around other states that are partaking in these tests. Moreover, he stated that he had heard a lot from the students, teachers, and parents that everyone was getting highly anxious regarding these tests. But at the same time, people were also excited because they had a belief that their kids had the ability to ace these tests. White also said that listening to parents is of utmost importance, and it is also important that the state caters to the needs of the children. For the children who did not want to participate in these tests, it was important that their needs were understood, and they were spoken to in a proper manner. White had also urged the parents who had thought of opting out of these tests to have a word with the educators of their kids before doing so. This will allow them to figure out how these tests could benefit their children. The PARCC tests allow to test the ability of these children from as early as the third grade.

White had indicated that the parents will receive a detailed report on the PARCC scores of their children, and this report will be far more comprehensive than the report provided by LEAP. No final decision has taken place yet, as to whether the state’s children will officially have to take these tests or not, but the participation rates will definitely be a good indication of whether it would be successful or not.

The much needed review had been ordered by BESE, and this has definitely been a great step that will most likely help address the situation.


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