How to Read PARCC Reports?

PARCC assessment is conducted to give a clear idea about the performance of a student in meeting the grade level standards. The information from the test, grades and teacher’s feedback provides a complete picture of how the student is performing academically.


PARCC scores are divided into five levels, based on students performances. They are,

Level 1 – Did not yet meet expectations. A downward arrow represents the standard.
Level 2 – Partially met expectations. A downward arrow represents Even this level.
Level 3 – Approached expectations. This score is represented by a bidirectional arrow, and this is the minimum score to pass the assessment.
Level 4 – Met expectations. This performance level represents that the students are ready for the next course level, denoted by an upward arrow.
Level 5 – Exceeded expectations. Also, represented by an upward arrow.

These reports not only gives information about student’s performance in the test, but also through the light at the student’s performance when compared with students from other schools, districts etc. These reports are directly sent to the schools and parents can reach out to the schools to know more about their children’s performance.

Overall Scale Score

This numeric value is to explain a student’s performance in the PARCC test. The scale ranges from 650 to 850 for all the tests and students are divided into different levels based on their PARCC scores.

Average of School, District, State, and Cross-State Scores

This average score report explains the performance of the student when compared with the average score of the school, district, state. With the help of a teacher, these scores can be analyzed, and the performance can be determined.

Percentage of Students at Each Performance Level

This report gives an idea about the percentage of students who are performing at different levels.

Student Growth Percentile

This report compares the student’s performance to that of his or her academic peers within the state who took the PARCC assessment.

Performance by Reporting Category

The report includes two reports for ELA section; Reading and Writing. Each category has a separate scale score ranging from 10 to 90 in reading and 10 to 60 in writing scales. The report also indicates the student’s performance in each subcategory.


Jennifer Wilson