Edsearch in your Classroom

Lumos Learning is proud to offer EdSearch as a premiere online educational search tool for teachers to easily find standards-aligned resources, create and share lesson plans and assignments, and hand-select extended learning materials. As a foundation for our work, we first establish cooperation with all involved school districts. We then partner with educators to identify the best solutions for districts’ particular school and student needs, state assessments, and school rankings.

What is EdSearch?

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As you can see in our Overview here, EdSearch is Lumos Learning’s unique search engine specifically designed to provide teachers and parents with a targeted, online educational resource library. With over 1 million resources in its results, EdSearch is built to find the best digital and print materials for students’ exact learning goals, whether for standardized testing or for extended learning, at any grade level.

Free with your Lumos Learning sign-up, EdSearch is the premiere feature for teachers and parents to do the following:

  1. Discover thousands of curated standards-aligned resources, both digital and print.
  2. Offer safe search to students.
  3. Have quick access to thousands of grade appropriate practice questions and lessons.
  4. Find information about nearby schools, libraries, school supply stores, conferences and bookstores.
  5. View school test scores, enrollments, calendar events and more.
  6. And — unique just to EdSearch — both teachers and parents can create and assign personalized resource kits to your students or child! (Currently the only platform that allows you to create and tailor assignments just for your student needs!)

Using EdSearch to Create Lesson Plans (and Track Results!)

After you sign up for your free Lumos teacher account, you can begin to use EdSearch immediately! For starters, educators can use the EdSearch engine to find the best resources for lesson plans and standardized test preparation — but that’s not all.

In addition to simply finding best materials for students, teachers can utilize EdSearch to do all the below, and more:

  1. Create lesson plans using the “Assign” feature, once the best materials are found in results
  2. Sign up each individual student for a free account, if the teacher wishes to share and track lessons with students
  3. Use the “Assign” feature to then share work directly with students
  4. Instantly track the results of each student’s work
  5. Then determine what in-classroom or extended learning work is needed next, based off those immediate reports!

For deeper use creating lesson plans and sharing assignments through EdSearch, teachers and parents also can have access to our unique curriculum and testing preparation tool StepUp, currently trusted by over 12,000 schools. You can check out this StepUp Teacher Portal video on what StepUp can do for educators, either for ongoing student assessment and extended learning, or for standardized test preparation.

Lumos Supplemental Programs: Online Learning Meets the Classroom

EdSearch can also be used to locate Lumos Learning Supplemental Programs, designed to specifically complement Elementary and Middle School classrooms (even though Lumos’ overall resources are for K-12) outside school, with internet access.. These online Supplementary Programs for Elementary and Middle School are learning resources created by parents, user experience engineers and expert teachers. Our extended learning programs are currently used in over 7,000 schools around the United States.

After using EdSearch to share assignments with students, educators can then use the Lumos Learning Teacher Portal to easily create reports to target students’ strong and weak study areas, as well as tailor what programs will best support their in-classroom activities, too.

Using EdSearch for Standardized Testing Resources

If you’re a teacher working with your school and/ or library on preparation for standardized testing, we hope you consider using EdSearch to search our thousands of testing resources, in our multiple formats (e.g. practice questions, videos, apps, and workbooks), for all major U.S. standardized tests.

If you’re an educator signed-up with Lumos, you can also utilize our Test Designer f to create testing resource kits, lesson summaries and custom assessments. With these online assessments and lesson encapsulations, students receive rapid feedback, immediately after a lesson or other activities. The Test Designer then allows educators to view students’ online results, identify areas for further focus, and help create their next most-needed activities.

No matter your school or state standards, EdSearch supports teachers in their dedication to students’ learning objectives. Lumos Learning is honored to provide students, teachers and parents with this high-quality content and collaborative learning platform, to best help students succeed in this technological age, and onward.




Jennifer Wilson