EdSearch: An Educational Search Engine

Lumos Learning: What We Do

Welcome to Lumos Learning, where you’ll find the best K-12 education and testing preparation materials for student success, all under one roof. If you’re a teacher or a parent, choosing the right educational tools — in an ever-changing technological landscape — can be overwhelming. Through our access to free and paid content, both digital and print, we are honored to support students in their educational and standardized test goals, in and out of the classroom. A feature that makes Lumos Learning especially unique is EdSearch: Our original educational resource search engine, available with your free Lumos Learning account sign-up.

What is EdSearch?

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Unique from all other current search tools, EdSearch is Lumos Learning’s search engine designed specifically to provide teachers and parents with a targeted, online educational resource library. With over 1 million resources in its results, EdSearch is built to find the best digital and print materials needed towards students’ exact learning goals, whether for standardized testing or for extended learning, at any grade level.

Free with your Lumos Learning sign-up, EdSearch is the premiere feature for teachers and parents to do the following:

  1. Discover thousands of curated standards-aligned resources, both digital and print.
  2. Offer safe search to students.
  3. Have quick access to thousands of grade appropriate practice questions and lessons.
  4. Find information about nearby schools, libraries, school supply stores, conferences and bookstores.
  5. View school test scores, enrollments, calendar events and more.
  6. And — unique just to EdSearch — both teachers and parents can create and assign personalized resource kits to your students or child! (Currently the only platform that allows you to create and tailor assignments just for your student needs!)

Finding Original Lumos Resources on EdSearch

In addition to offering over 1 million educational resources, EdSearch also allows you to find original Lumos-created learning programs, such as:

  1. For educators, our additional Lumos Learning Supplemental Programs also include immediate assessment and reports, to help teachers identify strengths and weak study areas for each student. Educators can also tailor these assessments to efficiently supplement their next in-classroom activities.
  2. Lumos provides our own original educational apps and supplemental online programs. One of our favorites is StepUp, developed by expert teachers and trusted by thousands of parents and schools, for students preparing for standardized testing.
  3. Additionally, SchoolUp is offered for parents and teachers to learn more about their own school community. StepUp is perfect for teachers or parents who want to take using EdSearch’s ability to create lesson plans to the best level of achievement: Once you find your favorite resources and design a kit for your students or child in minutes, after you create an account for them you can then receive instant reporting on student results! You can check out this video if you’re a parent or this video if you’re an educator for more on what the StepUp program can do, for both ongoing extended learning and for specific standardized testing preparation.
  4. Lumos also offers a subscription service for libraries. If you’re not sure if your school or local library uses this, please contact your youth services librarian.

Plus, EdSearch’s algorithms are aligned with the standard names of resources, standardized tests, grade level and lesson plan needs — so there’s no need to use exact key words when searching. And even better: You can have peace of mind knowing that if you hand over your free EdSearch access to a student, any inappropriate content is automatically filtered-out of search results.

Aren’t registered yet to access all our Lumos educational resources, including EdSearch? You can sign up here.

As educational needs and technology continue to change, Lumos looks forward to being there. We are proud our EdSearch tool can provide parents, educators and students the performance objective resources they need. Now and into the future.


Jennifer Wilson