Colorado to stay the course with PARCC!

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Colorado’s State Board of Education recently announced that the PARCC Assessments the States has administered for the last few years is going to be staying in place for now. The announcement came after previous statements indicated the state possibly leaving the testing consortium after this school year. The board is now saying that changing testing vendors would be “very hard and impractical.” The board has indicated that it will stay with PARCC until at least 2018. At that time they will reexamine their options.

Colorado is a governing member of PARCC, and their contract is up after this spring’s testing. The problem with changing testing vendors and leaving the PARCC organization is that legislation was passed which prohibits change. It is unclear when or if they will need additional legislation to switch to a different provider.

Advocates of changing the testing vendor still argue that PARCC is not aligned close enough to the standards put forth by the state. In addition, they cite the test length and delayed receipt of the results as valid reasons to leave the consortium. Some board members in the state are wary of changing testing vendors so quickly after adopting the testing. They would like to have more time to see what happens.

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