California residents are warming up to Common Core!

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Common Core

A recent poll by Children Now- a nonprofit advocacy group, has found support for Common Core Standards is growing in California. The poll was conducted in September of this year. And One thousand registered voters were polled. The results were encouraging in light of the fact that Common Core has received such a bad rap nationally over the past few years.

The polling results showed the following:


  • 63% were either strongly or somewhat in favor of the standards.
  • 33% were either strongly or somewhat against the standards.
  • 4% had no view on the standards.

The poll also showed growing support among Hispanics, African American, and Asian voters over that of Anglo parents. The poll is very encouraging considering the latest polls that show national support for Common Core is hovering around 50% which are down from 58% a year earlier.

Common Core has been around for a few years now. When it was first introduced 45 states and District of Columbia adopted the new standards. A number of states have since moved in other directions. Many states have kept the standards, but have renamed them due to public backlash. Though many states have renamed them, Common Core Standards are still intact.

Common Core is now quickly becoming the norm for state educational standards. There are still some states that do not use them. An example of this would be Texas. The Texas Education Agency has chosen to use their own unique set of standards not at all aligned to the Common Core.

The result of the poll shows that Common Core is becoming an accepted learning platform in California. The jury is still on the rest of the nation. Only time will tell if the Common Core Standards will stand the test, and endure for the long run in the ever changing education system.

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