Brain-foods to Empower Your Child for the Testing Season

With the testing season quickly approaching, teachers, parents, and students must be aware of how important a healthy diet is. Eating brain-foods will help keep students’ minds healthy and sharp. Choosing a diet filled with a variety of foods from different cultures will keep students interested in and experiencing the benefits from a variety of options. They may even find a new favorite snack or meal item!

Finding brain foods that children like may be hard, but with these different options, it doesn’t have to be impossible.

Many children love fruits and are willing to eat those foods even when they frown at other options.

  1. Avocados are a healthy fruit option. These green powerhouses have good fats that keep blood sugar levels steady and promote concentration for the big test. Look for many Hispanic recipes that use this fruit in flavorful ways.
  2. Blueberries are small bites of power in every bite. They will reduce testing stress! Look for well-designed African American recipes that use this fruit in creative, fresh ways.

There are many vegetable options that are brain foods too.

Now while children may dislike the word ‘vegetable,’ they may love the thought of eating superfoods! Try a positive spin on presenting these foods to get them excited about trying superhero-themed foods that will fuel their brain like a superhero.

  1. Beets are brain food that can be used in a salad or part of a beet hash. Check out this Chinese recipe that uses beets in a yummy way.
  2. Broccoli is one of the best brain foods out there. It has high fiber, which will keep your child from being distracted by hunger, and its nutrients promote a sharp mind. Consider making a beef and broccoli soup or a broccoli pesto dip to get kids munching up this power food.
  3. Use other green leafy vegetables such as spinach, romaine lettuce, and kale. These foods keep minds sharp and focused on the most challenging assessments. Kale chips are a fun option to make these vegetables more inviting than just a salad.

Aside from fruits and vegetables, proteins are also very important.

  1. Salmon is a brain-friendly food that is super nutritious. It helps prevent brain fog and improve memory. This food can also help with ADHD by improving focus. This Asian salmon recipe will likely have your child saying, “More, please!”.Click here
  2. Nuts are linked to a healthy brain. Walnuts, almonds, or your favorite nut is loaded with healthy fats that promote brain-health benefits. Who doesn’t want an easy snack option that improves mental clarity? Check out this link to see a delicious Chinese recipe that brings almonds to the taste pallete in a new way. Click here
  3. Eggs are another protein linked to brain health. They have several nutrients that regulate moods and memory. Talk about superfood – calming test stress and improving mental clarity. Yes, please! Check out this link to find many rich soul food options tested and approved by African American cooks. Click here

There are so many options to encourage healthy eating and promote mental clarity.

Recipe options.


  1. Over baked salmon: African American recipe – Click here
  2. Mexican salmon with black bean and avocado salmon: Hispanic recipe – Click here
  3. Indian spiced salmon: Indian recipe – Click here
  4. Asian salmon: Asian recipe – Click here


  1. African style broccoli: African American recipe – Click here
  2. Mexican spiced roasted broccoli: Hispanic recipe – Click here
  3. Indian style broccoli: Indian recipe – Click here
  4. Stir fry Asian style broccoli: Asian recipe – Click here

These foods are reflective of different cultures and combine the power of improved mental focus with decreased stress and anxiety about the upcoming testing season.

Anneda Nettleton

Anneda Nettleton

Ms. Anneda Nettleton is a veteran educator in Kentucky. Her professional interests include helping students become better communicators through written expression, integrating technology, and utilizing innovative activities to keep students engaged in learning. Anneda is a passionate educator and a seasoned curriculum freelance writer. Anneda is the proud mom of two precious children, Jeremiah and Jasmine. In her spare time, Anneda enjoys exploring new places with her kids.