Teachers: How can “Lumos Assistant” improve your workflow both in the classroom and out of it?

If you are a teacher, then you know that job description encompasses many more jobs than just actually teaching students. Teachers are mentors, monitors, expected to keep up with professional development, new curriculum trends and technology. While all of these things are ever changing, one constant is the love teachers share for their students and the desire for them to be successful. In order for student’s to learn effectively and be as successful as possible at learning the content at hand it is imperative the time used in class and the time used to plan lesson is utilized in the best possible way. This means stacking lessons and homework with information that can best help the students learn.

With all of the additional responsibilities teachers have today it is difficult to find time to search for materials that are meaningful and useful to students. With curriculum standards changing so often and state testing changes too, teachers need to be able to have confidence in resources they are using. When time is of the essence, teachers simply do not have time to search through page after page online to find the best resources for their students. This strategy can take hours and often return teachers with little to no results ending in a very frustrand and unprepared teacher. If the teacher is fortunate enough to find resources of value online, it can sometimes take hours just to find one book, app, video or worksheet. What if teachers no longer had to worry if they were providing students with the best resources and practice materials available? Imagine the amount of time teachers could regain in a day if there was one place they could acces and know the information and content populated was reliable and developed by expert teachers. Now imagine being able to use only a few short clicks and assign this work to your students and be able to keep track of their progress on what you have assigned them. With “Lumos Assistant” this is all possible. “Lumos Assistant can even be used to generate homework or aid in guided practice lessons.

Lumos Assistant

Teachers can access “Lumos Assistant” through the Lumos Learning platform. Instead of searching in a search bar and being bombarded with results, teachers can ask “Lumos Assistant” a question and know results will be populated that are vetted by expert teachers and assignable to their students by just a few clicks. Once assigned teachers can check student’s progress via their dashboard and view real time feedback of submitted work. Teachers can even see answers to practice questions that students submit. Additionally “Lumos Assistant” is friendly to use. The assistant functions as a chat box and allows the teacher to interact with her natively by asking a question. There is no learning curve in order to utilize “Lumos Assistant”, you can ask her a question just like you would any other human.

“Lumos Assistant” is an ideal Ed Tech solution in such a fast paced world. Pressure is high for students to achieve on standardized tests leading to teacher stress at an all time high. Now more than ever it is imperative teachers have reliable resource banks to turn to. By utilizing “Lumos Assistant” teachers can decrease their stress by implementing proven resources and increase retention of required content thus leading to higher scores on high stakes exams. By increasing student achievement, district stakeholders will see the clear benefits of implementing “Lumos Assistant” and the positive impact it can make in an educational setting.


Aspen Ham