Lumos Guided Practice Program

I enrolled two elementary school students in the Lumos Guided Practice program.

The first student selected his grade (5th) and then chose the Math option, in which he selected two domains (categories) and several lessons in each domain. He did this on his own without any instructions from me. He correctly answered the questions in the first domain and smiled at the “Well Done! Good Job” messages. The second domain was more difficult for him. He incorrectly answered the first question and found it helpful that the program displayed the correct answer and the procedure used to arrive at that answer. He then chooses the option to display a similar type of question to get additional practice. After reading the next question, he selected the “Hint” icon. The hint guided him to a correct answer. Wanting to get further practice with this kind of problem, he again selected the option to display a similar type of question and was able to correctly answer this question in the lesson.

I could see how he was helped by the ability to select several questions with similar procedures for calculating the correct answers, including the value of using the Hint function.

The second student (3rd grade) followed the directions with minimal assistance, selecting the ELA option and two domains. She answered every question correctly in the two lessons in the first domain but missed some in the second domain. She selected the Hint button a few times and did select questions similar to any she missed.

When both students were finished, I accessed the reports provided by the program so both students could see their results. I also showed the results to the parents, who were satisfied with the information presented. The program will generate suggestions for additional practice questions when a student’s results are below proficiency levels.

One student accessed the program on an iPad tablet, the other on a laptop.

As an additional benefit, the home screen for the Lumos Guided Practice program displayed other Lumos programs that the student can select, such as writing skills, reading skills, online workbook subjects, and EdSearch, which is a searchable database with education-related publications and videos.

To view the Lumos Guided Practice program, use the following link:

George Smith

George Smith

George Smith, a children’s book author and publisher, has been conducting writing workshops at schools since 2004. He is passionate about helping young writers turn their creative story ideas to captivating stories that others would enjoy reading. He has authored two children’s books, a marine life guide book for science teachers and functioned as an editor for several publications. He lives in Lakewood, New Jersey and loves to travel.