Back to School: Tips for Students

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It’s time to hear the sound of school buses! No more late nights or late mornings! It can be very difficult for kids to get used to the school routine, coursework and assignments etc. after the long summer break. To make it easier, here are few things that you can do to ease into your first day of school.

Before School Starts

Sleep on time

kid sleeping
It kills your mood and energy when you wake up early after a late night. So, make sure you go to bed at a reasonable time in the night to wake up fresh and early in the morning. Prepare a bedtime schedule to follow.

Brush Up on Your Skills

student doing homework
Work on simple and easy summer assignments. Prepare for the new school year by taking assessments. Work on a study schedule too or maybe use a study planner, it will help you in planning the time you spend on each subject, your assessments, and homework.

Organize your school supplies

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Have a designated cabinet and organize right tools for the right time. It will make your school routine stress free. You can color code, label, and file things to help you keep track of the things you need everyday.

Set Goals

Have academic goals you would like to achieve in this school year. Want to be in the team of basketball? Want to make it to the drama club? Write the goal you want to achieve and plan for it! Having such a list will help you motivate yourself to do what is required to achieve your goals.

After School Starts

Rest your body and mind

School kids having fun
The start of a new school year does not mean that you have to study all the time. Have some playtime, hobbies to relax your mind and to fun with your friends.

Connect with peers and teachers

five or six students with teacher in class
New year, new teachers, new expectations, maybe new school and new friends too. Build a bond with your teacher. Ask away the questions you have, however stupid they may seem. Interact with your classmates. Share how you feel about all the new things happening.

Pay attention

Know what you are expected to do. Pay attention to your teachers about the assignments and classworks you are supposed to do. All they want is for you to succeed in your life and all they expect is to see a “motivated you”. Listening to what the teacher says will make your year go smoothly.

Have a great year!

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