A Parent’s Guide to Student Success on the PARCC Test

PARCC testing is right around the corner, and as parents we are sure you are wondering how you can make the testing season a success for your children. Parents are a child’s first educator, and you play a huge role in the education of your child. Testing season is no different.

Educate Yourself

The PARCC assessment is a new test that is being rolled out to assess the implementation of Common Core Standards. The test will be given to students in grades 3-11 and will focus on Math and English Language Arts.
Your child’s teacher should send information home with your child regarding the testing schedule and preparation plans for the class. This information should include:

• The testing dates for your district.

• Ways you can help prepare your child for the test.

Before the PARCC assessment, the best way to help your child succeed is by talking to your child’s teacher about your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Once you know where your child needs help, you can determine how you can reinforce those skills at home.
Parents and teachers working together is the best way to ensure a child’s success and to ensure they are on the path to a great future!

PARCC Test Practice: Online Resources for Your Children

Educate Your Child

Once you know what areas your child may be struggling in, you can begin to prepare your child for the test. Extra practice is one of the best ways to help your child overcome whatever difficulty they may be having.

You can provide this extra practice by offering practice exercises and questions that are similar to those that may be on the test. Many workbooks are available for test preparation, and they will target the areas your child may be struggling with.

When practicing with your child, be sure to focus on their weak areas, not their strengths. This will help keep them from getting bored with the extra test prep. Another tip for test prep is to keep the practice sessions short, and set small manageable goals. Meeting these goals can help boost your child’s confidence before the PARCC assessment.

Prepare Your Child

The night before the PARCC assessment be sure your child gets a good night’s sleep. Sleep is a key factor in student success, and many teachers report that students who do not get a good night’s sleep perform lower on standardized tests.
Also, be sure your child eats a healthy breakfast that is fulfilling. Whole grains and fruits are great foods that will keep your child full and provide him with the energy he needs to take the PARCC assessment. By providing your child with a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast, you will be doing your best at ensuring your child is working at full capacity.
Staying calm on test day will help your child stay calm as well. If your child tends to experience anxiety at the thought of testing, show her some relaxation techniques that she can try to help calm her before the PARCC assessment.

Remember the Big Picture

While the PARCC assessments are important, they are not the only way to gauge a child’s success. No standardized test or grading system is perfect. All assessments have limitations, and the PARCC is no different.

Remind yourself and your student that testing is just one part of their education. With a parents support and involvement in their education, all children will be on their way to a bright future.

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Mar 22 & 26 2015

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