A Parent’s Guide to PARCC Testing in Ohio

When it comes to the PARCC testing in Ohio, there is a lot of questions parents might have. What is PARCC? What will the PARCC testing for Math and ELA be like? When will the testing take place? What resources are out there to help me prepare my child for testing? These are all very good questions! These types of questions parent’s all over Ohio are asking right now!

What is PARCC?

PARCC stands for Partnership for assessment of readiness for College and Careers. Is one of two consortiums’ that was created to develop a common curriculum, and testing for k-12 students in Math, and ELA? This new set off assessments is met to make the education systems of all the states that participate similar to each other. You can find more information on what PARCC is by visiting www.parcconline.org.

What Will the PARCC Testing be like for Math and ELA?

With the PARCC testing, the student’s in Ohio will be taking a new high stakes test that will show what they have learned in this new curriculum. In some school’s, this will be a computer-based test. The student’s will not only need to know the content but, will also need to be able to manipulate the keyboard, and mouse. Parent’s and teachers are being told to prepare their student’s or children early to ensure they know how to use a computer, and are prepared for the technical workings of the test.

PARCC Test Practice: Online Resources for Your Children

When looking at the actual tests, the student’s will be tested by the standards that have been set by PARCC. There will be a variety of question types that your child will need to become familiar with before taking the PBA (Performance Based Assessment) or EOY (End of Year assessment). These include multiple choice questions that might have more than one answer, Drag and drop, Critical thinking questions, multiple answer questions, and more. The students really needed to have practice both in school, and at home to be fully prepared for the test.

When and what types of test will be given this year?

Diagnostic test:

PARCC has recommended that school districts perform a Diagnostic test early in the school year. This will help teachers and parents to get a feeling of where their student or child is performing to the new standards. A diagnostic test will allow the school to address problem areas and get the correct resource for your child to be successful at the end of the year test.

Block Schedule testing:

In some school districts that have Block scheduling in December. There are two different time frames based on the tests that are being administered. In these block schedule school districts, the first test period will run from December 1st – December 12th. This will be for testing of ELA and Math for High school only, and only for paper and pencil testing. In this time frame, the test will be a PBA. The second testing period in 2014-15 for block testing will be for EOY testing for high school only, and again paper and pencil testing only. This testing period will be longer because, of holiday vacations. It will run from December 15th-January 9th 2015. This will also be for Math and ELA.

Performance Based Testing: (Spring 2015)

The spring testing schedule for PBA’s will be based on your school district choice between paper and pencil or computer-based testing. Computer-based testing for grades 3-8 and High school will be from February 16- March 20th. The paper based testing period will be shorter than the computer based one. It will run February 16th –March 6th for Math and, ELA. Schools and districts will need to schedule within these testing windows; there is an allowance for one Spring break week during the testing period.

End of year testing: (Spring 2015)

The last testing period of the school year will be for EOY testing. Again this will be broken down for different time period based on your school choice of computer testing, or paper and pencil testing. The end of the year test will allow parents and school districts to find out how much the child learned during the school year. The computer based testing will occur between April 13th and May 15th. Please check with your school district for their schedule for testing. The Paper and pencil testing period will be between April 13- and May 1st. The End of the year testing will be for Math and ELA for grades 3-8 and high school. For complete testing, schedule please check out Ohio’s Department of Education’s test schedule site: www.education.ohio.gov/2014-2015-Testing-Dates

Helpful resources for parents:

There are many different resources out there that can help you as a parent to help you child and understand the PARCC testing. The following list details some of them for you.

Helping you understand PARCC testing:

PARCC and Common Core for Parents:

www.pbslearningmedia.org/resource (A great video and explanation of PARCC and Common Core)

Helpful resources to help your children prepare for testing:

PARCC Games:

This site gives your child a variety of different fun educational games that allow your student to learn area’s in math and ELA that they will need to succeed on the PARCC testing. www.parccgames.com

Lumos Learning PARCC resources:

This site has helpful information and programs that will improve your child’s score on the PARCC test. They are also a very affordable option for parents with a limited budget.www.www.lumoslearning.com/Ohio


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