10 Free Teaching Tools to Start A Successful School Year

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The new school year is now underway or will be shortly. There are some great Free tools that can enhance your classroom and help you make your school year a very successful one! I have found some great Free Teaching tools that I wanted to share with everyone! I also included some information on each of the following.

1. ClassTools- This website provides a variety of different tools including (fakebook for social studies, Crossword maker, and a test maker that allows you to make the assessment into an arcade game!)

2. Lumos Step-up App- This app allows for the user to access Lumos Learning content from anywhere. They can log into their account, access online workbooks, CCSS, Blogs, and sample problems, and allow for scanning of the QR code that is on the Lumos Tedbooks. This app is for grades 3-8 for Math and ELA.

3. Jeopardylabs- This allows a teacher to create free Jeopardy Templates that can be used anytime and anywhere!

4. Khan Academy- This site is a good resource for educational videos to help students better understand different concepts and subjects for grades K-8.

5. Lumos Free teacher account- This Free Teacher Account allows for the Teacher to use Lumos Learnings online workbooks for one grade and Subject for one school year free for 30 students! It also gives the Teacher a preview of the Full Lumos Learning Step-up-test prep program, as well!

6. Publicdomainpictures.net- This site is great for teachers to access a whole library of pictures they can use in their classroom that are free from copyright restrictions.

7. Scholastic.com – This site is full of great resources that a teacher can use in their classroom including some lesson plans, student activities, and great resources a teacher can use in their classroom.

8. Grammer question app- I found this while searching Lumos Learnings EdSearch- free search on their website. It is developed by Van Duc Nguyen. It gives teachers access to 1925 English Language grammar questions and can be accessed anywhere there is internet access!

9. School-Homework alerts- This great free app allows for teachers to communicate with parents. You can use this app to send homework assignments, and updates about the classroom by creating Stickies that can keep parents up-to-date on what is happening at the school and in each teacher’s classroom.

10. Easy Fractions- This is a great resource for practicing fractions, and is a great tool to share with parents that would like to check their children’s homework. This app can be a great resource that can be used in the classroom or for practice at home!

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The resources above will help you to enhance your classroom by providing materials that are essential in helping not only you but your students, and their parents. From free practice accounts to educational video’s, these tools will make sure you have a very successful start to the school year. Is there a current app, website, or tool you are currently using that isn’t listed above? Please comment and provide the information so that other teachers can check it out, as well!


Jeremy Brunton