10 actionable tips to ace your upcoming SAT

If you’ve started thinking about college, chances are you’ve started thinking about the SAT. Whether you’re a senior, junior, or just trying to get ahead, it is never a bad idea to consider ways to ace your upcoming SAT.

While there is no quick fix to acing the exam, there are some tips and tricks that can help you feel prepared and ready. Alongside study, having a plan of action for when you actually take the test is crucial. Here are our top 10 tips to remember for the test day. Don’t worry; you got this!

Keep Your Cool

While nerves are normal, managing SAT day anxiety is crucial in keeping a level head. A great way to do this is to be as familiar as possible with the structure and timing of the test… that’s right, practice tests. The exam won’t feel as daunting if you’ve done practice tests under pressure before.

Have A Plan For Each Section

When you take your practice tests, you will realize that each section has its quirks. Becoming familiar with the structure of the Reading, Writing, and Language, and Maths tests will help you plan your exam strategy.

Know Your Strengths

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses; that’s just a fact. By identifying where you are strongest you can anticipate where you can get easy points, as well as plan where you’ll spend more time.

Don’t Do The Questions In Order

Do the easy questions first-you will build your confidence and leave more time for problem-solving the difficult questions.

Read Instructions Clearly

It seems simple, but a lot of context can be found in the questions! Make sure not to skip over important details.

Eliminate The Wrong Answers

With multiple-choice questions, the process of elimination is crucial. As long as you can cross out 3 wrong answers confidently, you will have the correct answer.

Memorize Grammar Rules

The SAT uses a standardized and specific set of grammatical rules. Become familiar with these, as the correct grammar is the basis for excellent writing.

Memorize Mathematical Formulas

While you will have access to formulas on test day if you forget, memorizing them is a great way to keep momentum and save time. You will probably commit many of them to memory during your study, but it can’t hurt to actively memorize the most common mathematical formulas.

Double Check Your Answers

Another simple trick – Double-checking is an important step to avoid silly mistakes. If you go back at the end of each section, you may catch errors you previously missed or suddenly have an answer come to you. This is crucial for quality control.

Prepare The Night Before

The night before the SAT, try to avoid cramming in the study. Instead, prepare your stationery and calculator, eat a proper meal, and get a full night’s sleep. Anything you haven’t studied by now is unlikely to stick, and it is more important to keep a clear and alert mind.

The Bottom Line

Preparing for college can be a daunting task for students who are still just on the verge of adulthood. It is important to help prepare them as early as possible to be ready and confident for what is to come.


Alice Moore