Technology Tools Available to Help Elementary and Middle School Students Write Better Essays and Stories – by Julie Lyons

It’s easy for a teacher to become overwhelmed by grading, and when it comes to grading students’ writing pieces, the ask can become even more onerous. As most teachers know, specific timely feedback in student writing is a highly effective way to improve a student’s writing skills. However, with so many subjects to plan for and teach (at the elementary level), and so many students’ writing pieces to grade (at the middle school level), how can a teacher “do it all”?

Luckily, there are many technological aids that can assist teachers who are looking for ways to improve their students’ writing, whether that writing is an essay, story, or merely building the grammatical skills to revise and edit writing pieces.
Educational Technology
Below is a description of several technology tools that are available now for students and teachers… Continue reading

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