2016 CII Summer Meeting

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Parents, Are You Ready for September? Back-To-School Ideas to Prepare Your Family For the New School Year 2016-17 – by Julie C. Lyons

Summer is almost over

This past spring, more than one million students took part in the PARCC field test with the purpose of helping to “ensure the assessments are valid, reliable, and fair.” Now, with the testing completed, PARCC has had the opportunity to review the feedback from teachers, students and technology coordinators via surveys, Twitter comments, and phone calls. To keep educators and other stakeholders abreast of this feedback, PARCC has been releasing its findings throughout the summer, and these articles will eventually become part of a larger “Lessons Learned” Report that will be available to the public.
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Beating the Brain Drain Through Computing: Webinar Recap with Printable Activity Sheet – by Julie C. Lyons

Beat the brain drain through computing

This past week, Lumos Learning hosted its second webinar in the “Beating the Brain Drain” series. During this interactive workshop, students were given many practical ideas and tips for keeping their math skills sharp in the summertime.
To review the webinar content, use this chart with your child to reinforce his or her math skills. Work together to select ideas that appeal to your son or daughter.
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Make the Most of Summer: Ideas for Teachers

Ideas for teachers

It’s hard to believe, but the summer is halfway over, and unless you teach year-round, the summer break is the largest block of time all year that you have to yourself. If you’re like most teachers, you approach summer with anticipation, planning activities and excursions that you might not have time for from September to June.

Take a few moments today to reflect on your summer thus far, and use that information to ensure that you spend the next several weeks following through with your plans – so you return to the classroom this fall refreshed and invigorated!
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Maximize Your Summer: Ideas for Principals (Part II)

Maximizing Summer for principals

With August just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to reflect on how well you’ve managed your schedule so far during the summer. Last week we provided you with several ideas to make the most of your time, including: making staffing decisions early, revising safety procedures if necessary, networking with colleagues, using technology to your advantage, and taking staff input into account.
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Make the Most of Summer: Ideas for Curriculum Supervisors

Ideas for Curriculum Supervisors

Some people might mistakenly think that when the school year is over, there’s nothing left for a curriculum supervisor to do… but you know the truth: the summer is a time to organize and facilitate professional development activities, oversee summer programs, work with curriculum committees, and put everything in place for the upcoming school year. At the same time, you may find more quiet moments without the pressures of traveling to different schools for meetings, teacher evaluations, etc.
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Webinar “Cliff Notes” for Beating Summer Academic Loss: An Informative Guide to Parents Julie C. Lyons

Webinar Video

The three areas that suffer most from summer learning loss are in the areas of vocabulary/reading, spelling, and math. In Stop! In the Name of Education: Prevent Summer Learning Loss With 7 Simple Steps, we discussed some activities parents could use with children to prevent summer slide. Let’s add to that list with even more ways to keep children engaged and learning – all summer long.
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