Dealing with Stress and NJ ASK: Tips for Students and Teachers

NJ ASK Stress

In all walks of life, we are susceptible to pressure and stress – resulting in negative side effects that range from health complications, to constant worry, to a feeling of general anxiety or unhappiness. Students and teachers are no different, and as the NJ ASK quickly approaches, classroom stress begins to peak. Teachers worry about how their students will do and if they’ve adequately prepared their young test-takers, while students have their own set of worries about their ability to perform with proficiency and to endure the lengthy test sessions. The following tips will help you, as a teacher or student, to both manage stress and prepare for the NJ ASK – without sacrificing your health, mood, or well-being:

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A Juggling Act: How Curriculum Leaders Can Help Teachers Balance New Educational Demands – Julie Lyons

As committed educators, we constantly examine our craft and seek to find new ways to better our skill set. In addition to those standards we set for ourselves, we are also asked to implement new initiatives and programs. In recent years, there have been changes at the district, state, and national levels that have challenged us to adapt and modify our current practices, and while change can be a healthy and positive thing, there is – many times – accompanying stress with those changes. Many teachers, being on the “front lines”, are struggling as they try to blend the old and new with their current class of students and still maintain a unique teaching style. When the number of initiatives becomes too great, one word can sum up many teachers’ feelings – “Help!”
A Juggling Act: How Curriculum Leaders Can Help Teachers Balance New Educational Demands - Blog by Julie Lyons
Clearly, there is no simple answer, and a one-size-fits-all approach will fail to work. However, by considering the ideas below, you may find that it is possible to balance these seemingly competing educational demands… Continue reading

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