Disciplinary Literacy (Common Core Application)

In Denver high schools, students are being asked to learn new scientific vocabulary and concepts and additionally offered Spanish/English cognates, root words, and a system for translating new words and worksheets on scientific content. This is one case of how … Continue reading

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Beating the Brain Drain Through Literacy: Webinar Recap with Printable Activity Sheet – by Julie C. Lyons

Webinar recap

Here’s a handy chart with the ideas from the webinar, ready for you to post on your refrigerator. Let your child pick and choose the activities that appeal to him or her. Of course, reading should be nonnegotiable, but the list below provides alternatives for reluctant readers – or for those who just don’t enjoy reading a traditional fiction novel. The first set of activities touch upon ideas that reinforce writing skills, while the second half addresses reading skills. There is also room on the chart to date or check off activities your child has completed.
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