Google Classroom, Part II: Collaboration Tools

Google Class room

•Google Docs. More flexible than traditional word processing programs, Google Docs allows users to create documents that are available for multiple users to work on at the same time – an invaluable resource for group projects. (Note: it is possible to convert a Google Doc to Microsoft Word, and vice-versa.)
Moreover, Google Docs’ auto-save feature eliminates the frustrating experience of losing your writing, research, and other work. Personally, I have found this feature alone to be a timesaver – and lifesaver! – for well-meaning students who “think” they saved the document . . . but never did.
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Spring and Summer Professional Development Opportunities for ELA Teachers By Julie C. Lyons

Professional development resources for ELA educators

With all of the changes that the Common Core has ushered in, keeping up professionally has been extremely difficult for most teachers during the school year. However, many teachers use the summer months for professional reading, reflecting on past practices, and planning new and improved lessons and activities for the upcoming school year: with that in mind, take a moment to check out the opportunities that are available to ELA educators this summer:
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PARCC Assessment: What Resources Exist?

In past blog posts, we detailed the implications of the PARCC Assessment on professional development, classroom practice, and instructional strategies. At this point, it is helpful to consider the numerous resources that exist for educators:

• Task Prototypes and Sample Items

First, this page details the purpose of the PARCC and explains the various components of the assessment by grade levels (K-2, 3-8, and High School)… Continue reading

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