Sade Thompson

“”The summer head start offers fantastic advice for both parents and children on how to keep busy during the summer holidays so that children don’t forget all that they have been taught during the school weeks. A lot of what children learn in schools can be lost due to inactive use of the brain which causes a slide in education. What this book offers is brilliant ways children can remain in education, no matter where they find themselves. By reading, writing Not only does the book, offer ways to entertain the children while keeping their brain exercised, there are also wonderful maths exercises, essays that will keep their mind thinking and sharp on a daily basis. Also it provides a free app to download the Lumos Step up app, which can be accessed to help home-school children and keep them from losing any of the skills they learned from school and make them even more exceptional when school resumes. I recommend this books to any parent looking to prevent and imp-rove on their child’s learning.””


Amrit Singh