I have been using Lumos Learning books for my kids for past two years. This is the first time I bought their Summer Learning headstart book for 4 to 5 grade book. The book is well organized and I hope my kid will like it too. He hasn’t started working on it yet. I have given him some play time as he just finished his school last week. I am planning to get him started from next week. Ok, coming back to the book review. The book offers exercises in Math, English reading and writing. It also has few fun activities in between lesson for kids, which is really good making sure kids don’t get bored. The book claims to offer online activities but I have not yet gone online to see what they have there. I will update my review once I see online exercises. Per English language exercises, I observed that few lessons are same as in the grade book. For instance, reading comprehension lessons are repeated. So for kids who have worked on those lessons in grade book (4th grade in our case), kids may feel repetitive. And you know kids with good memory end up choosing the answer right away without even reading the paragraph. Overall the book would certainly help parents in ensuring the kids are engaged through summer and remember their learnings that would be a foundation for their upcoming grade. Appreciate the great efforts of the team in coming out with this book.


Amrit Singh