Creating and Assigning a Lesson

Creating and Assigning a Lesson


  1. Select the My Lessons tab- This will display all assessments and workbooks for the selected grade and subject.
  2. As a teacher, if you have more than one grade or subject assigned to you, you will have to select the class you are assigning the test to in the dropdown menu.
  3. Assign, Preview, and Info Icons
    1. Assign icon will launch the test setup template.
    2. Preview icon will display all the lessons questions with an answer key.
    3. Info icon will display number of questions, question types, covered standards, number of videos, number of apps in the lesson.
  4. Click the Assign icon- this will generate the assignment template.

  1. Title the lesson. This is a required field and will be the lesson name your students see.
  2. Add a custom message for your students to read prior to starting the lesson.
  3. Normal Assessment types
    1. Normal >Test Mode > Full length- Use to do a full diagnostic of student proficiency.
    2. Normal >Test Mode > Partial > Randomized- Use to assign randomized questions from the lesson * each student will have a unique set of questions. Use case: A quick 10 min end of week practice quiz.
    3. Normal >Test Mode > Partial > Not Randomized-Use to assign specific questions from the lesson. Use Case: Tests students understanding of today’s classroom instruction.   
    4. Normal >Test Mode > Difficulty-Based- Use to assign the lesson 1 of 3 versions, Easy, Normal, Hard. *Not available with all lessons. Use case: Use to create lessons to target individual students needs and proficiency level.

  1. Remedial Mode- Setting assignment type to remedial allows the program to automatically assign remedial practice for your students based on their performance on the practice test.  The program measures the proficiency level of the student in each of the included standards, and assigns additional practice if the student’s proficiency level is below the proficiency marker that you set.
    1. Standards Proficiency Marker- Use to establishing a proficiency marker for your class.  The proficiency marker allows you to define the minimum achievement level for your students.
    2. Test Mode for Remedial Assignments >Full-length-This option will assign the complete workbook for any standard that the student doesn’t meet the proficiency level.
    3. Test Mode for Remedial Assignments > Partial- This option allows you to specify the number of remedial practice questions the student will be assigned. For example, if you select partial and select 5 questions, students will be asked to practice 5 questions in standards where they did not meet the proficiency level.

  1. Additional Assignment Options
    1. Timed test-Control whether students should take a timed test.  If you pick a duration for              your assessment, students will be expected to finish taking the test in the specified time.
    2. Allow retake- Select “Yes” to allow students to attempt the test/assignment multiple times.  This option is suited for general practice assessments.  If you are administering a diagnostic or practice test the recommended setting is “No”
    3. Show Results-Choose “Yes” if you want your students to see their score at the end of the practice session.  If you select “No”, you can release the test scores to your students at a later time from your dashboard.
    4. Show Recommendations- Choose “Yes” to enable learning recommendations to your students before taking the test.  Recommendations would include sample questions, videos, and apps related to the standards included in the assignment. The recommended setting for full-length practice test is “No”.

  1. Select Students-choose which students receive the assignment. The  entire class can to selected or individuals can be selected.

  1. The Lesson will now be displayed on your Home page.  Here you can view details of the lessons, and grade open response questions from your students.  Lessons can also be deleted, which will remove it from the Class Assignments lists and the students assigned lessons.  Note all test results will be lost if the Lesson is deleted.


Shawn Soucy