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Lumos SkillBuilder tedBook® - Standards Alinged Skills Mastery - Grade 5

Lumos Grade 5 SkillBuilder tedBooks:

  • • Standards aligned Practice Questions to promote Skills Mastery
  • • Detailed answer explanations for every question
  • • Plus access to online workbooks that include educational videos sand mobile apps

66% Teachers spend 3.4 weeks re-teaching students course material at the beginning of the year.
Summer Learning loss is defined as “a loss of knowledge and skills most commonly due to extended breaks”
Lumos Learning have created the resources to help your child avoid the summer academic slump.

Fun Activities Plus Math, Reading, and Language Workbooks:

Lumos Study Program is used by the leading schools and libraries to improve student achievement.

Lumos StepUp is used by several Elementary and Middle Schools
Lumos StepUp is used by several Libraries

Lumos Performance Based Practice eBook: English Language Arts PARCC Edition

  • TWO Performance Based Assessments (PBA)
  • Includes Evidence Based Selected Response (EBSR), Technology Enhanced Constructed Response (TECR), Prose Constructed Response (PCR) PARCC question-types
  • PLUS Online Workbooks

What Educators Say

“I am very pleased with Lumos Programs. It is one of the most comprehensive study programs that I have seen. Overall, it’s a great resource.”

Mrs.Biondi, Teacher

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