Intervention Program

Built For Success on
State Student Assessments

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200,000+ Students
25,000+ Teachers
14,000+ Schools

Comprehensive Academic Support for Students at all Proficiency Levels

  • Assess with realistic state assessment practice tests
  • Diagnose student difficulties
  • Progress Report
  • Intervene & Assign engaging learning resources
  • Measure Student Progress

Targeted Intervention and Remediation

Increase in School Ranking by 21.43%

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tedBook (Paper-based Resource)StepUp (Computer-based Resource)

Tools to Identify and Target Learning Difficulties


Design topic-based diagnostic tests to evaluate students’ performance levels


Assign targeted homework/assignments to help students practice and perfect concepts


Monitor student performance and track improvements with detailed reports

Learning Standards

Hundreds of standards-aligned questions bank for skills practice

Videos, Apps, & Workbooks

Additional ancillary learning resources on each standard and topic

Practice Recommendations

Learning resource recommendtions at the end of each practice session

What Educators Say

Individualized Remedial Practice
To Address Proficiency Gaps

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Track And Improve
Students’ Writing Skills
With Write Metrics

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AI/ML Assistant
For Instant Homework Help

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Actionable Reports
To Track
Performance And Progress

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High School Programs

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Realistic State Assessment Practice

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Reports That Identify Student Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Diagnostic Report
  • Activity Report
  • Progress Report
  • Performance Summary
  • Topic Proficiency Report
  • Subject Proficiency Report
  • Difficult Questions Report

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