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2020-21 LEAP Rehearsal
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Strong Start 2020

A Comprehensive and Robust Solution to Support Distance Learning

Identify and Remediate Learning Loss Due to COVID and Summer Slide

Boost LEAP test scores and Improve Student achievement

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A Comprehensive and Robust Solution to Support Distance Learning

  • Collaborative LMS Separate dashboard for teachers, students, admins and parents with different appropriate roles based feature and functionalities.
  • Online Video Classes The educators can teach online and students can safely participate remotely using a personal home computer or a tablet.
  • Tailored Comprehensive Learning Content Along with the ability to learn at your speed, learning modules are customized to meet your unique needs. Includes access to thousands of practice questions that correspond to a specific skill and learning standard.
  • Custom Lessons Teachers can create practice assignments with the help of learning resources available on Lumos EdSearch. Hundreds of standards-aligned videos, worksheets & other resources are available.
  • Guided Practice Powered by AI & ML Lumos Assistant uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide engaging and empathetic self-directed learning support to students.
  • Interactive Quizzes Lumos SmartBoard allows the teachers to run interactive online quizzes, and the entire class can participate by logging in to their Student Portal.
  • Anytime and Anywhere Access The program is accessible from your PC, smartphone, or tablet. If you happen to run into any problem or need assistance, we are here to help you 24/7.

Identify and Remediate Learning Loss

Many research suggests that students will return to school in the 2020-21 school year with 6 to 9 months of learning loss due to COVID and Summer slide. The biggest challenge for educators is to identify these learning losses in each student and remediate before starting new grade-level instruction.

Lumos Back To School Refresher Helps Educators:

  • Identify the learning loss in students caused by COVID and summer slide.
  • Drive targeted remedial practice to overcome learning losses.
  • Have access to insightful student performance reports.
  • Lumos Back to School refresher helps students have a successful academic year.

    Boost LEAP test scores and Improve Student achivement

    Lumos StepUp is an innovative online learning program designed to help students master critical skills and prepare for the LEAP. The program offers two full-length practice test that mirrors LEAP assessment along with personalized remedial practice.

    With over a decade of experience in developing practice resources for standardized tests, Lumos Learning has created a dynamic system to help students succeed on the state assessments.Lumos Smart Test Practice methodology offers students a realistic LEAP assessment rehearsal and the tools to overcome each proficiency gap.

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    Strong Start 2020

    A Comprehensive and Robust Solution to Support Digital Learning

    Identify and Remediate Learning Loss

    Boost LEAP test scores and Improve Student achivement

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    Realistic LEAP Assessment Rehearsal

    Printed Practice

    LEAP Test Prep Workbooks

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    Lumos StepUp®

      Practice tests that mirror state assessments

      Technology-enhanced item types practice

      Activity and Performance reports for each student

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