English Language Arts & Math
Programs for High School Students

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200,000+ Students
25,000+ Teachers
14,000+ Schools

Supports realistic state assessment rehearsals with TWO benchmarking tests

Includes tech-enhanced items to ensure test readiness

Offers domain-based standards aligned online workbooks with hundreds of questions

Provides detailed student activity and performance reports

Supports personalized learning paths and remedial assignments that include videos and apps

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Tools to Boost Student Success

Individualized Remedial Practice
To Address Proficiency Gaps

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Track And Improve
Students’ Writing Skills
With Write Metrics

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AI/ML Assistant
For Instant Homework Help

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Actionable Reports
To Track
Performance And Progress

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High School Programs

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Realistic State Assessment Practice

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Reports That Identify Student Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Diagnostic Report
  • Activity Report
  • Progress Report
  • Performance Summary
  • Topic Proficiency Report
  • Subject Proficiency Report
  • Difficult Questions Report

Delveloped by Expert Teachers

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