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GMAS Ranking Improvement


20.3% Improvement

School Rank improved from 837 to 744

Realistic GMAS Assessment Rehearsal

Printed Practice

GMAS test prep workbooks
  • Standards-aligned Practice Workbooks

  • Access to Online Practice Tests

  • Answer Keys and Detailed Explanations

  • Access to Teacher and Student Portal

Online Practice

Lumos StepUp®
  • Practice tests that mirror state assessments

  • Technology-enhanced item types practice

  • Activity and Performance reports for each student

  • Educational videos,apps, and books

Skills Mastery with Standards-aligned Resources

  • Foundational Skill Building

  • Rigorous Standards Practice

  • Targeted Intervention

  • Videos and Apps for each learning objective
Math and English SkillBuilder tedBooks

Ideal and Efficient Response to Intervention

Lumos Quill
Custom Lessons and Assessments

  • Pinpoint student areas of difficulty

  • Develop custom lessons & assignments

  • Personalized Instruction

  • Access to High-Quality Question Bank

Engaging & Personalized Reading Program

  • Tasks on close reading, comprehension, fluency, and long-word decoding skills

  • Engaging non-fiction and fiction passages

  • Grade-level text complexity

  • Standards correlation for each lesson
reading comprehension workbooks for grades 3 to 8 students

Individualized Remedial Practice
To Address Proficiency Gaps

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Track And Improve
Students’ Writing Skills
With Write Metrics

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AI/ML Assistant
For Instant Homework Help

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Actionable Reports
To Track
Performance And Progress

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Realistic State Assessment Practice

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