Measure COVID and Summer Learning Loss

Measure COVID and Summer Learning Loss

Math & ELA | Grade 3 to Grade 9

  • A robust diagnostic test to measure extent of learning loss
  • Comprehensive diagnostic report to pinpoint critical proficiency gaps
  • Personalized remediation plan
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Address Learning Loss

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Aligned with ESSER Funding

A Robust Diagnostic Test to Measure Learning Loss

  • Covers all previous grade Math and ELA skills
  • Aligned to State Standards
  • 15+ technology-enhanced item
  • 30 Minutes Assessment
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Comprehensive Diagnostic Reports

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  • Easily track each student’s progress
  • Diagnostic report to pinpoint proficiency gaps
  • Identifies unfinished learning
  • Measure students proficiency in each standard

Watch Our Recent Webinar on Back-To-School Refresher

Measure and Remediate Learning Loss Using Lumos Back To School Refresher Program, an interactive webinar by the Lumos Learning product specialist team.

In this session, the product specialist team demonstrated how educators could use the Lumos Back-to-School refresher program to measure and remediate summer learning loss and help students have maximum success in the 2021-22 school year. You can download free Back-to-school worksheets to practice here.

Research papers related to learning loss

Teacher survey: Learning loss is global and significant Teachers reported that students were an average of two months behind at the time of the survey, with low-income and at-risk students suffering higher setbacks in every market.

–Li-Kai Chen is a senior partner in McKinsey’s Kuala Lumpur office; Emma Dorn is a senior expert in the Silicon Valley office; Jimmy Sarakatsannis is a partner in the Washington, DC, office; and Anna Wiesinger is a partner in the Düsseldorf office.

The preliminary COVID Slide estimates suggest students could begin fall 2020 with roughly 70% of the learning gains in reading from the prior year relative to a typical school year. In mathematics, students may show even smaller learning gains from the previous year, returning with less than 50% of the gains. In lower grades, students may be nearly a full year behind in math compared to what we would observe in normal conditions.

BROWN CENTER CHALKBOARD The impact of COVID-19 on student achievement and what it may mean for educators Jim Soland, Megan Kuhfeld, Beth Tarasawa, Angela Johnson, Erik Ruzek, and Jing Liu

This research paper suggests that the long-term repercussions for children’s learning could be devastating, with today’s grade 3 students losing as much as 1.5 years’ worth of learning (or more) by the time they reach grade 10 as a consequence of their time out of school. The model suggests that effective remediation efforts immediately upon return to school could reduce long-term learning loss for the cohort of grade 3 students by half.

Modelling the long-run learning impact of the Covid-19 learning shock: Actions to (more than) mitigate loss Michelle Kaffenberger

Recent evidence suggests that the long-term learning losses from COVID-19 school closures could be big—far surpassing the short-term learning losses experienced during the school closures themselves
The model suggests that if learning in grade three is reduced by one-third, roughly the amount of time many children are likely to be out of school, learning levels in grade 10 would be a full year lower than they would have been with no shock. This is because children have fallen behind the level of instruction while out of school and continue falling further behind as the curriculum progresses once they return.

EDUCATION PLUS DEVELOPMENT How much learning may be lost in the long-run from COVID-19 and how can mitigation strategies help? Michelle Kaffenberger

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