The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) is a standardized test that includes a variety of new technology-enhanced questions.

Some of them are Multiple choice-single correct responses, Multiple choice-multiple correct responses, Matching Tables, Drag and Drop, Hot text, Table Fill in, Graphing, Equation/numeric, Extended constructed response, Short answer, and many more.

This page contains several sample questions along with practice test links for grade 2 Math that gives you an idea of questions that your students are likely to see on the test. After each sample question, an answer explanation follows. The explanation includes essential aspects of the task that you may need to consider for the skills, processes, and information your students need to know.

Domain: Grade 2 >> Operations And Algebraic Thinking

Sample Question: Select all of the equations that have a difference of 4.

  1. 17 – 4 = ?
  2. 12 – 8 = ?
  3. 19 – 15 = ?
  4. 20 – 5 = ?
  5. 10 – 6 = ?

Answer Explanation: The answer are B, C, & E , because they all equal 4 when they are subtracted.

Standards: 2.OA.B.2

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Domain: Grade 2 >> Number & Operations in Base Ten

Sample Question: Which statement is true?

  1. 399 is 10 more than 299.
  2. 418 is 10 less than 408.
  3. 977 is 100 more than 877.
  4. 208 is 10 more than 218.

Answer Explanation: The answer is C. When adding or subtracting 100,, the only digit that changes is the digit in the hundreds place unless it is necessary to bundle.

Standards: 2.NBT.B.8

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Domain: Grade 2 >> Measurement & Data

Sample Question: The measurement of Kim’s pieces of ribbon are plotted on the line plot. Use the line plot below to answer the question.

Kim will throw away all pieces of ribbon that are under 3 inches. How many pieces of ribbon will Kim throw away?

Note: Each x represents 2 pieces of ribbon

  1. 10
  2. 5
  3. 4
  4. 1

Answer Explanation: The answer is A. There are 8 pieces of 1 inch ribbon and 2 pieces of 2 inch ribbon.

Standards: 2.MD.D.9

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Domain: Grade 2 >> Geometry

Sample Question: Which shape is portioned into 4 columns and 5 rows?

Answer Explanation: The answer is D. Columns go up and down and rows go across. D has 5 rows and 4 columns.

Standards: 2.G.A.2

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Looking for online practice tests? Here is the link to practice more of SBAC Grade 2 Math questions.


Jenny Watson