GMAS Sample Questions: Grade 7 MATH

The GMAS is a Computer-Based Longitudinal Assessment System for College and Career Readiness. The students will face a variety of new technology-enhanced questions as a part of the computer-based tests.

Some of them are Multiple choice-single correct responses, Multiple choice-multiple correct responses, Matching Tables, Drag and Drop, Hot text, Table Fill in, Graphing, Equation/numeric, Extended constructed response, Short answer, and many more.

Today, we will share several sample questions along with practice test links for grade 7 Math that gives you an idea of questions that your students are likely to see on the test. After each sample question, an explanation follows that includes any important aspects of the task that you may need to consider with respect to the skills, processes, and information your students need to know.

Domain: Grade 7 >> Ratios & Proportional Relationships

Sample Question: The total cost of 100 pencils purchased at a constant rate is $39.00. What is the unit price?

  1. $39.00
  2. $3.90
  3. $0.39
  4. $0.039

Answer Explanation: Unit price means price per one unit. Therefore, we need to know the price per pencil.

Since the price of the pencils is defined to be a constant rate, then the total cost ($39.00) divided by the total number of pencils (100) will give us the cost per pencil (or per unit).

$39.00 / 100 = $0.39 per pencil

The unit price is $0.39.

The correct answer is $0.39.

Standards: MGSE7.RP.1

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Domain: Grade 7 >> The Number System

Sample Question: Which of the following is the result of the indicated operation?

649 5/8 – 72 3/4 =

  1. 577 1/8
  2. 577 3/8
  3. 576 7/8
  4. 576 1/4

Answer Explanation: 649 5/8 – 72 3/4 = 649 5/8 – 72 3/4 = 649 5/8 – 72 6/8 =

Since 6/8 cannot be subtracted from 5/8, we must rewrite 649 5/8 as 648 13/8.

Now we have 648 13/8 – 72 6/8 = 576 7/8

576 7/8 is the correct answer.

Standards: MGSE7.NS.1

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Domain: Grade 7 >> Expressions & Equations

Sample Question: Brian’s dad told him that he needed to cultivate 10 rows in the garden before he could take a break. The rows were x + 2y feet long. What was the total length of ground that he needed to cultivate?

  1. 10x + 20y feet
  2. 10x + 2y feet
  3. (x + 2y) / 10 feet
  4. x/10 + y/5 feet

Answer Explanation: Brian had to cultivate 10(x + 2y) ft = 10x + 20y ft

10x + 20y feet is the correct answer.

Standards: MGSE7.EE.1

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Domain: Grade 7 >> Geometry

Sample Question: The vertical cross section of a cube is a ______________.

  1. square
  2. triangle
  3. circle
  4. trapezoid

Answer Explanation: A cube is a rectangular prism with four lateral faces and two bases (also faces) which are square. Therefore, the cross section of a cube is a square.

Standards: MGSE7.G.3

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Domain: Grade 7 >> Statistics & Probability

Sample Question: Which of the following represents who you should survey in a population?

  1. A random, representative group from the population
  2. Every individual in a population
  3. Only those in the population that agree with you
  4. Anyone, including those not in the population

Answer Explanation: A random, representative group represents the people to survey in a population because each person in the population has an equal chance of being included and there is less of a chance of bias altering the results of the survey.

Standards: MGSE7.SP.1

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Jaci Smith