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Lumos StepUp - PARCC Online Practice and Assessments - 4th Grade ELA


Common Core State Standard: RI.4.8

Domain: Reading: Informational Text

Theme: Integration of Knowledge and Ideas

Standard Description: Explain how an author uses reasons and evidence to support particular points in a text.


Drinking alcohol and driving is a dangerous combination. This is because alcohol affects the nervous system. Alcohol can make an individual act silly and laugh at situations that are not funny. Alcohol slows down the brain. This can cause the driver to have a slowed reaction time and to have difficulty thinking accurately. It causes a motorist to not be able to make quick, clear decisions about traffic and road conditions. Alcohol’s effect on the brain can cause a lack of coordination. This can lead to a driver to weaving in many directions on the road. It can cause a driver to have trouble applying the brakes when needed. Anyone of these reactions can easily cause an accident that can be harmful to themselves and others.
Above is a section from a persuasive essay written to encourage people not to drink. What statement does NOT provide evidence supports the writer’s claim that drinking alcohol and driving is dangerous?

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