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It’s possible to build writing skills without pen and paper! All great stories – written and oral – have a beginning, middle and end. To become more adept at including these elements in a story, ask your child to share funny, interesting, and/or surprising incidents with you and other family members. Be sure to give your child time to think, and allow him or her to speak without interruption. However, if your young story-teller gets tongue-tied, provide gentle prompts, such as: “How did it all begin?…What happened next?…What happened in the end?…Why was this so memorable?…How did this make you feel?” etc.

Story Starters

Ideas for Writers

Today started like any other hot July day. But when we went to the pool and got in the water…My brother and I were playing catch in the yard. It was getting dark. “Ten more minutes, and then it’s time to come inside!” Mom yelled out the window. I threw the ball a little bit too hard, and my brother missed it. The ball rolled onto the neighbor’s lawn, and we ran over to get it. Just as I picked up the ball, the neighbor’s front door opened, and…You’ll never believe what happened on my trip to _________ this summer…I opened the envelope with my name on it. The small piece of paper inside had only five words on it and a picture. It said…

I woke up one morning and opened my eyes. But instead of being in my bedroom, I was in…

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