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Outdoor Activities

Lumos Learning’s Summer Program

Go Back-to-School Shopping (For a Great Summer School Learning Experience).

Check out offerings from the big names (think Sylvan, Huntington, Mathnasium, and Kumon), and also consider local summer schools. Some school districts and local colleges provide learning programs: research the offerings on-line for more information regarding the available options in your area.

Take a Hike . . . Go Camping!

But “camp” doesn’t always involve pitching a tent in the great outdoors. Nowadays, there are camps for every interest: sports camps, art camp, music camp, science camp, writing camp . . . the possibilities are endless! With a quick Internet search, you’ll be able to turn up multiple options that will appeal to your son or daughter. And even if these camps aren’t “academic”, the life skills and interpersonal experiences are certain to help your child succeed in the “real world”. For example, working together as a cast to put on a summer theater production involves memorizing lines, cooperation, stage crew coordination, and commitment – all skills that can come in handy when it comes to fostering a good work ethic and the ability to collaborate with others.

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