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How to Prevent Summer Learning Loss?

Lumos Learning’s Summer Program

“Homeschool” Your Child.

Keeping your child’s skills fresh doesn’t have to cost a fortune: check out some of the Lumos Learning workbooks and online resources (at, and your child can work through several exercises each day. Even as little as twenty minutes a day can yield positive results, and it’s easy to work in a small block of time here and there. For instance, your child can work in the book during a car ride, right before bedtime, etc. Or, simply make this part of your child’s morning routine. For example: wake up, eat breakfast, complete chores, and then work in the workbook for 20 minutes. With time, you can make this a natural habit.

Get tutored.

Many teachers offer tutoring services throughout the summer months, either for individuals or small groups of students. Even the most school-averse student tends to enjoy the personal attention of a former teacher in a setting outside of the classroom. Plus, a tutor can tailor his or her instruction to pinpoint your child’s needs – so you can maximize the tutoring sessions with the skills and concepts your child needs the most help with.

Of course, you don’t need to do all seven steps to ensure that your child maintains his or her skills. Just following through with one or two of these options will go a long way toward continued learning, skills maintenance, and easing the transition to school when summer draws to a close.

Stop! In the Name of Education: Prevent Summer Learning Loss With 7 Simple Steps

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