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Middle School Games (6th – 8th Grade)

“Inform, Explain, Describe”

This activity teaches the student the difference between informing a reader, explaining something, and describing an event or scene. To apply these concepts, the child must read three statements and choose the sentence that achieves its intended purpose (to inform, explain, or describe).

“Trailblazing Introductions”

This online activity teaches students the elements of an effective introduction. Then, the child is asked to decide which sentences in the sample introductions state the main idea, generate interest in the topic, provide background information, etc.

“Game On: Increasing Learning Through Online Games”

This site offers writing and vocabulary-related lessons and games for students to enjoy. “Wacky Web Tales” is a “Mad Libs” styled game that asks students to provide words from different parts of speech, and then those words are inserted into a story that becomes humorous – based on the words the player has selected. To improve understanding and proper use of prefixes, click on the second link (below) from the “Game On” site to give your child practice in the “Prefixes Say Plenty” fill-in-the-blank activity.


This grammar game gives students the opportunity to practice identifying pronouns, a skill that is one of the required content standards for sixth graders. When students click on the balloons with pronouns, the balloon pops, but if a non-pronoun is selected, the balloon merely deflates.

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