Mr. Green's class

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Mr. Green's class

Read the text below. Reread it at least three times to help you. The words in red may be new words for you. To use context clues in a text, it is important to read all the sentences around the new word. This will help you understand the meaning of the new words. After you have read the text many times, use what you learn to answer the questions about the new vocabulary.
Students were not sure about Mr. Green on the first day of school. Some of the third graders said that he was cruel to them when they had him as a teacher.
Pupils were a little scared when they heard he was their teacher. He was reported to be harsh in his tone of voice and mean to them when they asked for help.
They were so surprised to find out that he was very nice. He did have rules they had to follow each day. If the students followed the rules, he gave them rewards. This could be stickers, free time on the computer, game time and extra recess time.
Mr. Green’s pupils were no longer afraid. He was not selfish at all. He took time to listen to them and allowed students choices in their work. He would let them pick some of their assignments. Mr. Green was caring and kind. He did what was best for his class.
The students told the third graders that they were wrong about him. The third graders laughed and said they knew he was a good teacher. They said they had played a joke on them.

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Word Lists:

Assignment : a task or piece of work assigned to someone as part of a job or course of study

Caring : displaying kindness and concern for others

Recess : a small space created by building part of a wall further back from the rest

Pupil : a student in school

Scared : fearful; frightened

Harsh : unpleasantly rough or jarring to the senses

Computer : an electronic device for storing and processing data, typically in binary form, according to instructions given to it in a variable program.

Selfish : (of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one's own personal profit or pleasure

Cruel : willfully causing pain or suffering to others, or feeling no concern about it


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