How the Lion and Mouse Became Friends

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How the Lion and Mouse Became Friends

Once upon a time, in a far away jungle, lived the king of lions. All the other animals were in fear of the lion. He was the fiercest creature. He would spend his time hunting, eating other animals and sleeping. No one dared to go into his den. They were all afraid. One day a tiny timid mouse thought he would look in the cave where the lion lived. He peeped in the hole. He did not see the lion. He was not there. He went in. He saw the lion’s paws large prints in the dirt.
Just then, he heard a noise. The mouse said to himself, “I must hide, or he will eat me!” The mouse hid. The lion came in his cave. He did not see the little mouse. The lion fell asleep.
He was snoring loud. The mouse was behind him. He wanted to get out. He had to go over the lion. When he got on the lion, the lion woke up! He roared and roared. The mouse got scared and ran all over the lion. The lion tried to get the mouse.
Then the mouse got brave and asked the lion not to eat him. The mouse said that if he did not eat him, he would help the lion anytime.
The lion thought how funny it was that a tiny mouse would do that. He laughed and let the mouse go.
A few days later, the jungle heard the lion roaring louder than ever before. It was a roar that shook the jungle floor. The lion was in a hunter’s trap. He could not get out.
The tiny mouse heard the roaring and went to see if he could help. When he found the lion, he told him to sit still. The mouse ate the ropes of the trap and the lion got out.
They were best friends forever after that.
If you are little, it does not mean you cannot help if you need to.

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Word Lists:

Jungle : an area of land overgrown with dense forest and tangled vegetation, typically in the tropics

Roar : a full, deep, prolonged cry uttered by a lion or other large wild animal

Tiny : very small

Paw : an animal's foot having claws and pads.

Scared : fearful; frightened

Hunter : a person or animal that hunts

Den : a wild animal's lair or habitation.

Timid : showing a lack of courage or confidence; easily frightened

Forever : for all future time; for always

Hide : put or keep out of sight; conceal from the view or notice of others


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