Jason Rides a Train

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Jason Rides a Train

Jason and his friend, Tom, wanted to ride a train. They lived outside of Boston. Jason had never ridden on a train. Tom had, but only with his family. The boys asked their parents if they could ride the train into Boston on their own.
Tom’s mother was fine with that. Jason’s mother was not sure. She knew he had never been on a train. His mother was worried that something might happen to him. Jason begged her to go. His mother finally said he could go. She made sure she got tickets and set a time for them to go and to come back. The mothers gave the boys instructions on how to be sure they got back on time. Tom took his watch to be sure they knew the right time to take the train back.
The boys were so happy. They packed a lunch to take with them. Both mothers took them to the station. Jason and Tom got on the train. Jason walked to the seats by the window. Tom and Jason sat down and looked out the window.
The train took off. It was going so fast. The boys laughed at the trees passing by outside the window. Jason told Tom it was making him dizzy to watch. Tom agreed. Then in about thirty minutes, they were in Boston.
After they got off the train, they went to a nearby park. They had their lunch and played on the slide and swings. Tom looked at his watch. It was time to go back to get on the train. They ran all the way back to the train station. Jason and Tom heard the whistle blowing, “TOOT, TOOT, TOOT!” They almost missed their train ride home.
This time, Tom picked the seats. Again, they laughed at how fast the train was going. They were back at their home town in such a quick time.
Their mothers were there waiting. They told them how much fun they had. Both boys hugged their mothers and thanked them. They now want to go again. It was a special day for Jason.

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Word Lists:

Train : teach (a person or animal) a particular skill or type of behavior through practice and instruction over a period of time

Worried : anxious or troubled about actual or potential problems

Station : a regular stopping place on a public transportation route, especially one on a railroad line with a platform and often one or more buildings

Whistle : a clear, high-pitched sound made by forcing breath through a small hole between partly closed lips, or between one's teeth.

Special : better, greater, or otherwise different from what is usual

Final : coming at the end of a series

Agree : have the same opinion about something; concur

Minute : a period of time equal to sixty seconds or a sixtieth of an hour

Right : morally good, justified, or acceptable

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