The Dog, the Rooster and the Fox

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The Dog, the Rooster and the Fox

A Dog and a Rooster, traveling together, took shelter at night in a thick wood. The Rooster perched himself on a high branch, while the Dog found a bed at the foot of the tree. When morning dawned, the Rooster, as usual, crowed very loudly. A Fox, hearing the sound, and wishing to make a breakfast on him, came and stood under the branches, saying how earnestly he desired to make the acquaintance of the owner of so sweet a voice."If you will admit me," said he, "I should very much like to spend the day with you."The Rooster said: "Sir, do me the favor to go round and wake up my porter, that he may open the door, and let you in." On the Fox approaching the tree, the Dog sprang out and caught him and quickly tore him in pieces.Those who try to entrap others are often caught by their own schemes.

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Word Lists:

Porter : a person employed to carry luggage and other loads, especially in a railroad station, airport, or hotel.

Crow : a large bird with mostly glossy black plumage, a heavy bill, and a raucous voice.

Perch : a thing on which a bird alights or roosts, typically a branch or a horizontal rod or bar in a birdcage

Earnestly : with sincere and intense conviction; seriously

Branch : a part of a tree which grows out from the trunk or from a bough

Shelter : a place giving temporary protection from bad weather or danger.

Dawn : the first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise

Acquaintance : a person's knowledge or experience of something

Scheme : a large-scale systematic plan or arrangement for attaining a particular object or putting a particular idea into effect

Wake : emerge or cause to emerge from a state of sleep; stop sleeping


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Adjective : 7

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