From a railway carriage

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From a railway carriage

Faster than fairies, faster than witches,
Bridges and houses, hedges and ditches,
And charging along like troops in a battle,
All through the meadows the horses and cattle,
All of the sights of the hill and the plain,
Fly as thick as driving rain,
And ever again, in the wink of an eye,
Painted stations whistle by.
Here is a child who clambers and scrambles,
All by himself and gathering brambles;
Here is a tramp who stands and gazes,
And there is the green for stinging the daisies;
Here is a cart run away in the road,
Lumping along with man and load;
And here is a mill and there is a river,
Each a glimpse and gone forever.

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Word Lists:

Bramble : a prickly scrambling vine or shrub, especially a blackberry or other wild shrub of the rose family.

Clamber : climb, move, or get in or out of something in an awkward and laborious way, typically using both hands and feet

Mill : a building equipped with machinery for grinding grain into flour.

Lump : a compact mass of a substance, especially one without a definite or regular shape

Sting : a small sharp-pointed organ at the end of the abdomen of bees, wasps, ants, and scorpions, capable of inflicting a painful or dangerous wound by injecting poison.

Ditch : a narrow channel dug in the ground, typically used for drainage alongside a road or the edge of a field

Scramble : make one's way quickly or awkwardly up a steep slope or over rough ground by using one's hands as well as one's feet

Tramp : walk heavily or noisily

Hedge : a fence or boundary formed by closely growing bushes or shrubs

Meadow : a piece of grassland, especially one used for hay


Additional Information:

Rating: A

Words: 139

Unique Words : 75

Sentences : 36

Reading Time : 0:37

Noun : 82

Conjunction : 20

Adverb : 9

Interjection : 0

Adjective : 5

Pronoun : 3

Verb : 17

Preposition : 12

Letter Count : 571

Sentiment : Positive

Tone : Formal

Difficult Words : 27

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