The People Pleaser

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(1) Tammy was a people pleaser. She spent all of her time doing things for other people. Every morning, she would wake up early and make waffles for her roommate, Lucy. Everyday, Lucy stuffed the waffles into her mouth on her way out the door without even saying thank you. Tammy did not mind. She knew that Lucy appreciated the waffles even if she did not say so.
(2) One day, Tammy woke up feeling ill. Her head ached, and her stomach churned. She was so sick that she could not get out of bed. Lucy walked into the kitchen and noticed there were no waffles waiting for her. She wondered what had happened to Tammy, but decided she did not have time to find out, or she would be late. So, she grabbed a banana instead and headed out the door. But, the banana did not fill her up, and she was hungry all morning.
(3) The next day, once again, Lucy found no waffles waiting for her in the kitchen. Remembering how hungry she had been the day before, Lucy headed to Tammy’s room to find out why there were no waffles. When she knocked on Tammy’s door, she heard a scratchy voice answer, “Come in.” Lucy opened the door and found Tammy huddled in bed; the covers pulled up to her chin. 
(4) “What’s going on,” Lucy asked; “Why are you still in bed?” “I don’t feel well,” answered Tammy. “I was in bed all day yesterday. I was hoping I would feel better by this morning, but I’m only feeling worse. I’m sorry there aren’t any waffles.”
(5) “Don’t be silly! You’re sick. You should be taking care of yourself, not worrying about taking care of me.” With that, Lucy went to the kitchen to make breakfast for Tammy. A short while later, Lucy appeared in Tammy’s doorway carrying a tray of piping hot eggs and bacon with toast on the side. A smile spread across Tammy’s pale face.
(6) “I can’t believe you made me breakfast! I didn’t even know that you could cook.”
(7) “Is that why you make me waffles every morning? You thought I couldn’t cook?” “No,” Tammy assured her, “I just enjoy doing things for other people.”
(8) “Well, thank you for the waffles. I might not say it very often, but I appreciate everything you do for me. And next time you don’t feel well, you have to come, knock on my door and let me know so that I can return the favor.”
(9) “Oh, I didn’t want to bother you,” Tammy avoided Lucy’s eyes. “You are a very busy person.”
(10) “Yes, I am, but you are my friend, and you are a priority. You should be your own priority too. Sometimes, especially when you don’t feel well, you have to put yourself first, and that means asking for help when you need it.” Tammy realized that Lucy was right and she was thankful to have such a good friend.

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Word Lists:

Waffle : fail to make up one's mind

Priority : the fact or condition of being regarded or treated as more important

Churn : a machine or container in which butter is made by agitating milk or cream.

Everyday : happening or used every day; daily

Huddle : crowd together; nestle closely

Grab : grasp or seize suddenly and roughly

Scratch : score or mark the surface of (something) with a sharp or pointed object

Thankful : pleased and relieved

Wake : emerge or cause to emerge from a state of sleep; stop sleeping

Bother : take the trouble to do something


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