One Place, One Day , Adapted

- By Candy Mazze.
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1. This is my third middle school. I’ve been to a different middle school every year for the past two years. We moved the summer between 6th and 7th grade, during our Christmas break in 7th grade, and now we just moved again, right before I start 8th grade. I love that my Dad is in the military, but the repetitive moving is wearing on me.
2. I know my parents are doing it so we can all be together. My dad just got moved to another military base. When I was younger, we didn’t have to move as much. He was assigned to another base only once, and that was only for a few months. So I stayed at the same school, and we stayed in the same house. We all lived together except for the few months he went to another base. Even then, he came home pretty often. At least it seemed that way.
3. I don’t want to be away from my dad, so when my parents say we’re moving, I just say, “Okay.” I help pack, and I help throw things away. I don’t pout, whine, argue, or complain. My dad is everything to me, so I do what my parents want me to do, so we can be where he is.
4. My mom is everything to me, too, but she has to focus most of her attention on my little brother. He’s only 2. I’m 14. I can take care of myself and help my mom and my little brother when I’m asked to. Whenever we move, there isn’t much expected of me other than to go to school and do well. My parents know I haven’t been able to make or keep many friends these past couple of years because we keep moving.
5. That’s why they don’t expect too much of me at home – they want me to join teams if I want, go to a neighbor’s house or meet some of my classmates for homework or ice cream. My dad always asks about friends, sports, or what the other kids are up to. I think he is trying to encourage me to be the kid I should be, and not worry too much about moving or helping out at home.
6. It would be a little easier if I knew I was going to be in the same place next month and next year, with the same kids in my class. Maybe this will be the year that we end up staying in this one place.

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Word Lists:

Repetitive : containing or characterized by repetition, especially when unnecessary or tiresome

Classmate : a fellow member of a class at school or college.

Pout : push one's lips or one's bottom lip forward as an expression of petulant annoyance or in order to make oneself look sexually attractive

Whine : a long, high-pitched complaining cry

Grade : a particular level of rank, quality, proficiency, intensity, or value

Base : the lowest part or edge of something, especially the part on which it rests or is supported

Focus : the center of interest or activity

Assign : allocate (a job or duty)

Complain : express dissatisfaction or annoyance about something

Military : relating to or characteristic of soldiers or armed forces


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