WASHINGTON AS A FIGHTER From American History Stories, Volume III

- By Mara L. Pratt Adapted by Marisa Adams
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Read “Washington as a Fighter” and answer the questions that follow.
1. George Washington was known for being a quiet man. He hardly ever raised his voice and he really didn’t like to fight. But, when it was needed, Washington could be loud and strong. His clear sense of right and wrong was what made him such a good General and President.
2. This event shows his strength, his firmness, and his ability to act quickly. One day, Colonel Glover’s Marblehead soldiers and Morgan’s Virginia Riflemen started to argue. The Virginians laughed at the way the Marbleheads talked because they had a different dialect in Marblehead, Massachusetts. The Marbleheaders, on the other hand, made fun of the way the Riflemen dressed.
3. The two groups went from yelling to hitting. Before they knew it, they were in a full fight and didn’t know Washington had ridden up on his horse.
4. Washington quickly figured out what was happening. He jumped from his horse and threw the reins to his servant. Then, he ran into the middle of the fight and grabbed two of the biggest, strongest of the soldiers. He held them at arm’s length and shook them until they looked at him with shock. They cried out and asked for forgiveness.
5. Then, he spoke quietly and gave directions that the two men be taken to their camps. He also said there should be no more arguing between the two groups. He rode away, leaving everyone staring in surprise at the man who was usually so peaceful.
6. Washington’s actions showed his men that even though he liked peace and quiet, he could definitely act when he needed to.

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Word Lists:

Dialect : a particular form of a language which is peculiar to a specific region or social group

Forgiveness : the action or process of forgiving or being forgiven

Grab : grasp or seize suddenly and roughly

Definitely : without doubt (used for emphasis)

Rein : a long, narrow strap attached at one end to a horse's bit, typically used in pairs to guide or check a horse while riding or driving.

Peaceful : free from disturbance; tranquil

Argue : give reasons or cite evidence in support of an idea, action, or theory, typically with the aim of persuading others to share one's view

Ability : possession of the means or skill to do something

Soldier : a person who serves in an army.

Servant : a person who performs duties for others, especially a person employed in a house on domestic duties or as a personal attendant.


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