Rex the Bully

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1. Did you know it is hard being a dinosaur? Yes, we are big and scary, but there is always someone bigger and scarier. This someone is Rex. He is a Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur. Everyone is scared of Rex.
2. My name is Albert. I am smaller than Rex. He makes me do his homework, takes my ice cream money, and pushes me around on the playground. Everybody just laughs at me. I do not have any friends because everyone is scared of Rex.
3. Most days I hide behind a huge tree in our playground.
4. One day when I was behind my tree I heard a tiny voice, “Your name is Albert, right?” I looked everywhere but did not see anyone. Then I heard, “Down here!” When I looked down I saw a tiny dinosaur.
5. She said her name was Sara. She was even smaller than me. We became best friends.
6. Sara asked me if I ever told anyone about Rex. I told her that I was too scared. Sara told me it is important to let your teachers and parents know when someone is being mean or a bully.
7. I told Mrs. Currie, my teacher, and she talked to the class about bullying, and how we can stop it. After that the other dinosaurs stopped laughing when Rex was mean, and Rex stopped being a bully.
8. Sara taught me something. Always tell an adult you trust, when someone is bullying you.

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Dinosaur : a fossil reptile of the Mesozoic era, in many species reaching an enormous size.

Scary : frightening; causing fear

Scared : fearful; frightened

Bully : a person who habitually seeks to harm or intimidate those whom they perceive as vulnerable

Tiny : very small

Adult : a person who is fully grown or developed

Hide : put or keep out of sight; conceal from the view or notice of others

Trust : firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something

Mean : intend to convey, indicate, or refer to (a particular thing or notion); signify

Right : morally good, justified, or acceptable


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