"A Midsummers Night Dream"

- By William Shakespeare, Adapted by Jill Mountain
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   Act I, Scene 2
   A group of working men are putting together a play to perform for the Duke and
   Duchess of Athens on the night of their wedding. This is their first meeting, and
   they are discussing the play and assigning roles.
   Peter: A carpenter, the leader of the group of players
   Nick: A weaver
   Frank: A handyman
   Rob: A tailor
   Tom: A metal-worker
   Steve: A construction worker
   1) Peter: When I call your name, say, “Here!” and I will tell you what part you’ll play.
   I have here the list with all of your names on it. Of all the men in Athens, you all
   are the best…the most qualified…the only ones who volunteered to put on this
   Nick: First, please…what is the play about?
   Peter: Oh, it’s a fine play, Nick. It’s probably the best play ever written. It is the
   most lamentable, or regrettable comedy of the cruel death of Pyramus and Thisbe.
   Rob: You’ve seen the play, Nick?
   Peter: I just wrote it last night!
   2) Nick: One of the finest plays. I assure you, gentlemen. Peter, call the roll and
   assign the roles! Gentlemen – spread out!
   Peter: Fine, fine. Nick! Nick? Are you here, Nick?
   Nick: Here, Peter! Tell me, what role will I play?
   Peter: You, Nick, will play Pyramus.
   Nick: Wonderful! Oh what luck! Pyramus! Indeed! I shall play Pyramus! Peter, is
   Pyramus a romantic character, or is he a villain?
   Peter: Oh, he’s the most romantic character, and he’s willing to give up anything
   for the woman he loves. He will literally give his life for love.
   Nick: If I play the part well enough, which I will, the audience will be in tears!
   They’ll be crying like babies at how romantic I am. But the thing is, Peter, I’m really
   much better suited to play a villain - a real tyrant.
   Peter: Frank?
   Nick:[Interrupts Peter] A tyrant – really a villain. One of the great villains. [Begins
   acting – very dramatic] From the tops of the mountains! From the top…to the
   crushing rocks below…below…below [voice fades]. I will find them! I will
   find them! And I will…
   Peter: Frank?
   3) Frank: Here, Peter. What role will I play?
   Peter: You, Frank, will play Thisbe.
   Frank: Thisbe? Who is Thisbe? A brave knight?
   Peter: No.
   Frank: A wandering hero? I could easily play the young hero.
   Peter: No. Thisbe is not a hero.
   Frank: A great adventurer, then? An explorer who goes into uncharted waters and
   saves a damsel in distress?
   4) Peter: No. Thisbe is the girl Pyramus is in love with.
   Frank: A girl? A girl! No...no...no… I can’t play a girl! Look! I’m growing a beard.
   Peter: [Examines Frank’s chin] No, I don’t see it. You will play Thisbe.
   Nick: Wait! I can wear a mask and I can play Thisbe too! Listen [speaks in a high
   voice] Oh Pyramus! Oh Pyramus! I love you so much, Pyramus!
   Frank: That’s a great idea! Let Nick play a girl.
   Peter: No! Frank, you will play Thisbe and Nick, you will play Pyramus. Let me
   continue. Rob?
   5) Rob: Here, Peter!
   Peter: Rob, you will play Thisbe’s mother.
   Nick: Thisbe’s mother is not very pretty.
   Peter: Tom?
   Tom: Here, Peter!
   Peter: You’ll play Pyramus’s father. I’ll play Thisbe’s father, and Steve, you’ll play
   the lion.
   Steve: Do you have the lion’s part written? Can I have it? I know it will take me a
   long time to learn it.
   6) Peter: There is no script for the lion, Steve. You will perform it extemporaneously.
   Steve: I’ll do what?
   Peter: Extemporaneously. You’ll make it up on your own.
   Nick: Wait! Let me play the lion! I’ll be the fiercest lion that ever walked on a
   stage. I’ll roar and claw and growl. The audience will be in awe of my amazing
   lion performance [roars]. The Duke, himself, will stand up and say, “Let the lion
   roar again! Let him roar again!” [roar]
   Peter: No, no, Nick. You’ll be too realistic. You’ll be so much like a real lion that
   you’ll scare the ladies in the audience and we’ll all be put in prison for
   threatening members of royalty.
   7) Peter: Nick - the only part you may play is Pyramus. That’s it. You can play one
   part - Pyramus.
   Nick: Can I at least wear a fake beard or a disguise?
   Peter. That’s fine. Wear a beard. But you can only play Pyramus. Now - are we all
   set? Does everyone know their part?
   All: Yes!
   Peter: Good - let’s meet tonight in the forest. I know a clearing where we can
   rehearse without anyone seeing us. Be sure you’re on time!

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Word Lists:

Extemporaneous : spoken or done without preparation

Uncharted : (of an area of land or sea) not mapped or surveyed

Regrettable : (of conduct or an event) giving rise to regret; undesirable; unwelcome

Villain : (in a film, novel, or play) a character whose evil actions or motives are important to the plot

Frank : open, honest, and direct in speech or writing, especially when dealing with unpalatable matters

Explorer : a person who explores an unfamiliar area; an adventurer

Lamentable : (of circumstances or conditions) deplorably bad or unsatisfactory

Roar : a full, deep, prolonged cry uttered by a lion or other large wild animal

Role : an actor's part in a play, movie, etc.

Romantic : conducive to or characterized by the expression of love


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